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Thu, Mar 7, 2019 6:46 AM

AT&T Home Internet and Rural America

Will AT&T ever offer home internet to rural areas? I used to live in a large city and had AT&T as my home internet, it was great, customer service was great. Then I had to move to a rural community and there are only two options for home internet, Frontier and Mediacom, neither have very positive customer feedback, and I can confirm this I've had both. I started with Frontier, reasonably priced, but service was constantly interrupted or it went out all together and the only way to get it back was to have a tech come out and take a look. Which fine I live in a rural community I should expect this, but I was hosting family for the holidays one year and was without internet for 7 days, nearly the entire time my family was in town. That was it so I switched to mediacom, pricey but internet was faster and more reliable. I didn't mind the price too much, until they increased it and to downgrade to their lowest plan price would only save me $10. $10? That's ridiculous! Not to mention I had siding placed on my house and to get someone out to remove their box from the house so the contractor could get behind it, and again was like I was speaking an entirely different language than them. They said it wasn't a priority and they would get to it when they got to it, it took over a week for someone to come, and their tech, he lives in my town, it literally took him two minutes and he was onto the next job. It may not have been priority to them but to me it was costing me money and my contractor time. Everytime I call them and it's been established I'm an existing customer they begin rushing the conversation to end, it starts all slow and almost caring until I inform them I'm already a customer. I'm a person, I have feelings, and I have needs. We live in a time when internet is a necessity why can't we all have access to a decent provider and reliable internet connection? Rural communities are desperate and we're tired of the limited choices and having to choose between the lesser of two evils. Please will AT&T ever come to rural communities?


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a year ago

ATT is in some rural communities within their 21 state footprint with either legacy DSL (6M internet or less with 150G data cap) or Fixed Wireless min 10/1 internet with 215G data cap. $10/50G overages up to $200 per month.


But you have to reside in an area where ATT is the ILEC. If a different telco provider is the ILEC such as CenturyLink, Frontier, Windstream, etc ATT will not be a hardwired provider as the ILEC owns the phone lines.


ATT 21 state region is another issue, while the 5 state Ameritech of Indiana, Illinios, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin is part of ATT (SBC is parent company covering 5 states of SW). Minn is not an ATT state, only option for ATT service would be mobility product WHPI aka hotspot.


I live 1 county to the west of Milwaukee. My zip code had ATT, CenturyLink and Windstream. Which one is based upon actual address as do not get a choice within moving to a different address.


Https:// for list of ISPs by zip code.

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