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Sunday, December 29th, 2019 7:28 PM

AT&T customer service has lied to me about the cost of my internet plan. (SCREENSHOT PROOF)

AT&T customer service has lied to me about the cost of my internet plan.

-AT&T Uverse


Originally, I was checking to see if I still had a contract with AT&T. I wanted to see if I would owe a termination fee before deciding to switch to a different internet provider. My internet did not work for quite some time because the cable outisde was damaged by something. "Maria" told me that I did not have a contract but that I could keep my same plan price and get the cable fixed free of charge. "Maria" did not want to lose my business. She told me that my plan would be $50 per month. I just checked my AT&T bill and I owe a high charge with an $80 per month plan that I cannot afford.


Today, I have been on AT&T's live Chat for help, on the phone with other AT&T departments, and on forums for at least 5 hours.

At one point, "Rey" asked if he could call me instead of using the live Chat. I gave him my number.

"Rey" called me and said that I shouldn't worry and that the $94 charge would be taken off and that my plan will go back to $50 per month. He then said he is transferring me to a different department but that I would not need to explain the whole thing all over again.

Once I was transferred, I did in fact have to explain everything all over again to someone new. This happened several times throughout the day.

The guy from the other department said that he cannot help me and told me to go back to the live Chat for help. I went back to the live Chat and ended up talking with the same guy "Rey" again. I told him what had happened.

"Rey" says he can no longer help me.

I cannot afford this. What can I do?

- I have attached part of a screenshot from 11/24.

("Marie" telling me that my plan will be $50 per month)

- I also have a screenshot with the confirmation number she sent me, if needed.

- I also have screenshots from today's conversations, if needed.





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4 years ago

did you ever get your update to 300gb....screen shot everything..wish I had!

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AT&T came and installed new aerial fiber and gave me a new modem. I actually tried to say no to that because I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to pay ANY extra. I live alone and have a job that takes a lot of my time. I don't need great internet. But I was told, "free of charge".. "no charge".. I'm so glad that I took screenshots. This is the most ridiculous (Edited per community guidelines) EVER.


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4 years ago

I was going to ask about this plan. I saw someone else have this plan and pay the 50.00 a month like you said. Is this WiFi or u verse I have WiFi or internet 100 I think and I’m paying 70.00 when it was always suppose to be 40.00 but when we put the wireless to pay together they been charging me 70.00 a month. Why do that just because I pay my bills together. Anyway the 300 internet ?

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