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Thursday, February 14th, 2019 6:04 PM

ATT Customer Retention Rep blatantly lied to me!


I recently made the switch from being a DirecTv satellite customer with ATT internet 25mbps to being a current DirectvNow subscriber. When I called customer retention on 1/9/19 to inform them that I was looking to cancel my satellite service to save money and potentially subscribe to DirecTvNow, the representative informed me that she could not only upgrade my internet speed to the internet 100 (100mbps) to better handle the streaming needs of DirecTV NOW, but she could also lower my bill from $50/month for the internet25 to $40/month for the internet 100. She also assured me I would be maintain my unlimited internet data as well. After placing me on hold for a while, she came back and informed me she was able to add an additional $20 dollar discount to bring my total internet bill to $20/month for the 100mbps! This was obviously great news and I clarified many times with the representative that what she was offering was accurate. She assured me it was and I moved ahead with canceling my DirecTV satellite and subscribed to DirecTV NOW excited to save money!


Fast forward to today, and what I was told I would be paying is not even remotely close to reality. I received an email from AT&T stating I exceeded my monthly data limit (what happened to my unlimited internet!!!) and that moving forward I would be charged an additional 10$/50 GB of data that is used beyond the 1T data limit. I promptly called ATT customer support, only to find out my $20/month internet bill is now $70/month! Seriously, not even remotely close to the quoted price by the customer retention rep I spoke with on 1/9/19. After waiting patiently on hold, the very nice and apologetic representative was able to lower my internet bill to $60/month moving forward and assured me that my unlimited internet data would be restored within one or two billing cycles. Better, but still no where near the original $20/month I was quoted! The very nice representative also stated that since I am a military veteran, as well as a first responder, that I qualify to save $15/month on my internet and DirecTV NOW service. Ok so good news! I can now lower my internet bill from $60 to $45/month. My DirecTV NOW bill would drop from $40 to $25/month- awesome! So now since I learned my lesson from the last representative I spoke with promising me false discounts and what not, I repeatedly ask the rep (Kim) multiple times to verify that I qualify for the military/ first responder discounts on internet and tv despite not having ATT wireless, to which she assures me I do. Heck, the rep even checked with her manager that I qualify for the discounts and her MANAGER even stated I could combine both the Veteran and First Responder discounts on top of each other! I even have her write in her system notes that as a veteran, I will be completing the necessary documentation to receive the additional discounts following our conversation. This has me feeling better about the situation and even though the internet was more then I was promised initially, I would still be saving money from the satellite/internet package I had prior to my switch to DirecTV NOW.


But.… as soon as I hang up with the customer retention rep and go to submit my military identification on the AT&T website, in plain sight I see that in order to receive the Veteran discount on my internet and DirecTV NOW, I must have a QUALIFYING WIRELESS PLAN! What the heck!!!! Does AT&T even require their reps to have a basic understanding of their own pricing and policies they are offering to long time loyal customers such as myself??? So basically I cancelled my satellite/internet 25mbps that I was paying $117/month for, with the quoted promise of only paying $20/month for faster internet and $40/month for DirecTV NOW for a total of $60 per month. In reality, I lost my unlimited data, downgraded my tv service to less channels, with a limited DVR storage, 2 tv's instead of 4 tv's receiving service, and as of now no unlimited data, for a grand total of $100/month plus taxes. I saved myself a whopping $10-13 bucks a month for this headache and fiasco. I'm happy with the internet and DirecTV NOW products, EXTREMELY disappointed in the level of service and follow through on the part of AT&T customer retention. This makes 3 times I've been told one thing by a customer representative that has turned out to be completely misleading and false! 



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5 years ago

Yes, that is pretty terrible and inexcusable. I would just point that those reps did not lie to you if they actually believed the obviously wrong information they were giving you. I know it’s a minor distinction  but there is a difference between purposely giving you false information and cluelessly giving you false information due to incompetence and poor training.



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5 years ago

I am having a similar experience.

I am a new customer and had Internet and Dish TV. I had to move to a new address but I was not allowed to install dish at my new address. I called to discuss and I was transferred to Retention department. They told me that I can switch to U-Verse and they would not charge early termination on the Dish TV. I agreed and guess what, I am being charged over $600.

I called back and the retention department told me that the charge will be removed after the equipment return reflect on the account. Meanwhile they told me to pay the other portions of the bill. I proceed as instructed and guess what. The charge is still there on the new bill and I am getting notifications about termination. I called back and after 50 min on the phone going through layers of computer voices, many holds and two departments the representative at the billing department promised me again that the charges will be removed but somebody from the retention department will confirm. The call was transferred at after a long wait I was disconnected. I guess they just shut-off at 7 pm. The issue is still ongoing. Maybe I have to go through the punishment of calling back.


When I moved a friendly sales representative convinced me that AT&T had great service at competitive price and I should give AT&T a try. I was not happy with the service at Xfinity so after 14 years with Xfinity I decided to give AT&T a chance. I very much regret that. The service from AT&T is much worse. I am counting down to finish my commitment with AT&T.

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