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Mon, Jul 12, 2021 4:21 PM

AT&T Access for Internet program

I was approved for AT&T Access for Internet program in Illinois. One of the requirements for this program is to provide a scanned image of the state SNAP Food Assistance Card with my name on it.

This state does NOT use names on SNAP cards, just a number impressed into the card and a place to sign on the back. My application was denied by AT&T because I scanned the card and sent it in electronically without my name on it. This is ludicrous and time consuming to try and apply online when the information required is not available from the SNAP Program.

Also, the submission of information only allows 2 attachments for the online application. This is a deterrent because the SNAP card is two sided and the information from the State is a separate file that shows my name and approval in the program.

Now I have to reapply for the program. It's a waste of time for people to have to redo the submission due to restrictions on number of pages/files to be uploaded for approval.

Someone needs to revamp the program online and be aware of each state's card information.


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3 m ago

We can definitely help you with your concerns regarding our AT&T Access program, @.

Please attempt to apply using our AT&T Access program.

  • Send a screenshot of your name and approval letter as an attachment.

  • Attach the scanned card as the second image.

Let us know if this helps or if you need any further assistance. 

Qudus, AT&T Community Specialist. 

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