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Sat, Dec 6, 2014 2:21 AM

Why a Data Cap?

I pay a total of 80 dollars a month for standard cable television and internet at speeds of 55mb down with 6 mb up.  With that said, the internet will cut out from time to time causing reliablility issues.  Peak times can be slow.  


I would be willing to sign a contract for one year and 80 dollars a month for 45mb download package without a data cap if it meant that my internet was more reliable.  In an age where most games and movies are downloaded to computers and consoles, it makes no sense to cap data.  I just downloaded at game via the service steam that was a 25 gb download.  Also, why offer 45mb download speeds if there is only going to be a cap of 250gb's?  You almost had my money AT&T




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7 y ago

While U-verse has a 250 GB cap, it is not enforced. Many people haven't received notification of going over the cap, haven't been billed for going over it, and the data usage meter for U-verse customers does not even work.

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