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Thu, Jan 7, 2021 9:05 PM

What is physically needed to connect new Uverse service to my home?

I have DSL (6megs) on a dedicated phone like and want to upgrade to 75M Uverse. 

Is the new service going to also use those phone wires and connect up the same way to a new box that has wifi and Ethernet?

I am trying to find out if new wires will have to be run and what type? 



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If 75 Mbps AT&T Internet service is available to your home, then it will use copper wiring from the VRAD to the NID on your outside wall.  After testing, depending on the age and condition of your drop, the installer may also decide to have the drop from the nearest pedestal to your NID replaced.   

A dedicated twisted pair cable of Cat5e or better needs to run from the NID to wherever you want the AT&T Gateway to be.  Existing home telephone wiring will not suffice for this run.  If you want this fished through walls/attic/basement, then it is best that you run this cable.  You can leave the ends for AT&T to terminate; leave at least a foot of cable to spare at each end, just in case.


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Thank you for this info.  If I can ask for a little more clarity/description on the front end...  

So My understanding is- A line comes from the VRAD (a typical exterior phone line)comes to my closest pole and then down to the house (normal connection phone box).  If any part of that connection is not good enough, a new line will be sorted. Is there more than that normal box required at the (exterior) house connection, or is another box added w power supply, etc?

Once that is good, an Ethernet (Cat 5e+) cable is needed to be run from the Phone Box to where I want the AT&T modem/router.   

This sounds like good news for me because when we remodeled a few years ago I had  2 Cat5e cables run to that box.  My current dedicated DSL line (no voice) is using a pair inside of one of those cables run back to the DSL modem.  

Does it sound like I'm ready for the 75Mb service I'm told I can get or am i missing something?

They have struggled for years with the DSL speed and when it rains it usually suffers eve more- or goes out.   Can I request they use different pair(s) from my exterior back to the VRAD?

Thank you again for the help!

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Internet 75 or 100 FTTN REQUIRES a bonded pair install on K or N card.

This is (2) ports on the same 48 port card at the VRAD with jumpers to the line distribution panel (often referred to as F2 or F3 as the connection from the CO is F1). With 2 connections (binding posts)  being used at the copper terminal on the pole need at least a 2 pair copper drop of cat3... older drops would be single pair and thinner drop wire. 

At the NID, box on side of house, need a 2nd protector added to support the second outside pair in the drop line, then connection to inside wiring generally orange pair with need to make a connection at the jack where the gateway is located. If any splice points inside will need to be made. 

Expect the upgrade to be 2 to 4 hours with around 2.5 to 3 being a reasonable average on site.

Note that may internet 50 and 25 are also bonded.... 

In essence internet 50/10 is (2) 25/5 while internet 100/20 is (2) 50/10. The longer the copper loop length from the VRAD the lower the speed tier that can be offered....

A general guide is less than 1000 feet copper is 100/20 bonded or 50/10 as single pair.

From 1000 feet to 1800 feet bonded would be 75/20

From 1800 feet to 2800 feet bonded would be 50/10 or 25/5 single pair

Anything over 2800 feet would be 25/5 or over 4000 to 5000 feet is 25/2. as bonded pair. 

Your internet 6 may be coming from a CO instead of a VRAD, longer distance. 

Do you currently have the 599, 5268 or 210 gateway? If yes, should be keeping same... if no, have either 510, 589, 3600, 3800, 3801, 5031, 5168 the gateway should be replaced. Only the 589 could  support bonded pair, all the others are single pair (line 1) only gateways 

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I think I get most of this.  AT&T was just out a week or two ago with ATM issues and they had another tech replace a card/board at the CO.   The techs ( took 2 of them) were really pushing that I move from my DSL because more techs and support are, well supporting U-verse than DSL and it keeps getting cut back more and more as they try and kill DSL.  

The gateway box is a NETGEAR B90-755025-15 "VersaLink" Four Port Ethernet Wi-Fi Gateway.  Sounds like they should be replacing it.  If I order this service.  

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