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Monday, November 14th, 2022 10:07 PM

Trying to get service at new construction for 6 months

I have been trying to get service at my new construction since May 2022. My house is built on a subdivided lot that previously had high-speed (100Mbps) service (and still shows as available service). The houses I share property lines with on the east and north sides also have this service. My house is located ~100 ft from an AT&T pedestal, and ~150 ft from a service station that has several big boxes that service this side of town. I have AT&T fiber running through my front lawn. Every local tech I have come across (servicing the boxes, repairing fiber lines, and even an install tech) have said I can get service (potentially even qualify for fiber as I'm so close), but I have had no luck. My address is properly registered legally, as I have been receiving mail and utilities since May when I purchased.

Thus far, I have:

  • Made several calls to AT&T to try and get service. Furthest I've gotten are having a tech come out to install, but the phone rep used the lot's old, pre-divided address so he couldn't hook it up. All other tickets ended up being closed without followup/reasoning.
  • Talked with employees in all the AT&T stores in town. They have used the employee lines, submitted manual requests, and tried to use personal contacts; all have failed, and the tickets ended up being closed without followup/reasoning.
  • Submitted the online address validation form (several times). Never heard anything back from this.
  • Submitted an informal FCC complaint. At first it seemed to work- I was cleared for 5Mbps service and my address was listed as available on AT&T's website! However, the install appointment I made was cancelled, and a phone rep I called to followup said my address was blacklisted by the engineers. The AT&T Office of the President rep I worked with said there were no notes made on my address' file to indicate why it's blocked (something that is apparently against policy), just that it is. Last I heard (Nov 4th) she was trying to get in touch with engineers, but every time I've called to get an update since then I get voicemail/she's out of office.

Is there anything else I can do?

This whole experience has been frustrating and demoralizing. I've even reached out to a news station about this, and am so frustrated that at this point I am considering ponying up the cash to issue a formal FCC complaint. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated.

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3 months ago

What speeds are available for your neighbors when checking their addresses online? Hopefully internet 25 or higher?

My initial thought would be subdivided lot not planned for by engineers results in no terminal connection(s) available or no port connection(s) available at nearby access point (IP-RT) or VRAD.

As stated speed of internet 5, I suspect this would be IP-CO (connection at central office)about 1.5 miles away where line quality may need repairing before service can be provided.

Most of ATT expenditures ($2 billion per month, $24 billion in both 2022 and 2023) is going to providing direct fiber. I suspect repairing of copper lines at long distance is a no go, or very low priority thus engineering blocked. 

Recommend checking into the low cable company providing access (possible installation charges of $3k+) or consider your other options.

Fiber may or may not be an option this decade… another 10+ million addresses out of 40+ million (1 out of 4) will be provided by end of 2025 or next three years. This will reach the 30+ million fiber addresses (50% of hardwired footprint) the company has targeted.

AT&T said it expects annual capital investment to be in the $24 billion range both this year and in 2023. It will then taper to the $20 billion range beginning in 2024.

The company is working to double its fiber internet availability to 30 million homes in the United States and expand its 5G network to cover over 200 million people.

It's also worth noting that AT&T isn't the only company investing heavily in fiber in the US. Other companies making similar investments include Charter, Altice, Windstream, Frontier and Verizon.

By 2025, AT&T expects 75% of its network footprint to be served via fiber and 5G. The company aims to reduce its copper services footprint by 50% by 2025.


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3 months ago

@my thoughts 

The cost of broadband from Att appears cheaper to me when I exclude promotional discounts compared to Comcast.  However I'm caught up in that gaggle of homes that haven't gotten fiber yet, so still on VDSL2.  I do not have high hopes at this point, but perhaps if they truly get motivated to retire copper, then maybe something will eventually happen in the next three years.  Our situation requires trenchwork which I'm sure makes us a less desirable area to upgrade.

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3 months ago

@my thoughts  thanks for replying!

Nearest service is 100Mpbs (what the property used to have). The lot that was divided wasn't very large (not even an acre). The nearby trailer park also has 100Mpbs service. I had to call to setup installation after my address was made "green" because the website said it would be DIY set-up (and I need to be connected fresh so I need a tech). The rep I talked with on the phone said that the 5Mpbs I was cleared for was only an estimate, and the tech would measure the actual speed when they came out for install (which never happened because my appointment was cancelled)

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1 month ago

Just wanted to give an update for anyone else who finds this in the future:

November 18 I received a call back out of the blue from my AT&T FCC rep saying that the issue was resolved and I could get high-speed internet!! Apparently my address was initially incorrectly assigned to a node, and getting that and other issues corrected required multiple engineers working in tandem. After the call, my address showed availability for 75 Mbps online, and I was able to set up an installation appointment with a tech through the web form. And lo and behold, on November 22 (almost exactly 6 months after my first request) I got service! My speeds test at ~86 Mpbs to the router, higher than the original estimate. My lines were buried not too long after.

So for anyone having similar troubles: file an FCC complaint! It took a little bit (I believe I first filed a complaint at the end of August), but that was what finally resolved things.

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