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Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 10:03 PM

Solid Red Broadband Light and getting reduced internet service

I have ATT Internet 50/10 service. My BGW210-700 Gateway was recently replaced in the last few days and shows a red solid broadband light. However, I do get internet service from it at around 28 MB Download speed (even standing in front of it). Any ideas on what to do to get that light green AND Any ideas on how to get it closer to the 50 MB Download speed that it should be providing?

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5 months ago

Your issue is likely that you are supposed to have 2 pair, and only one is working.  The best way to confirm that is to visit your gateway's internal web server at and click on the Broadband tab.  See if both lines are working.  I think you'll find one of them is status Down.  The remaining line is doing the best that it can.

You'll need to contact AT&T to send someone out to fix the bum line.  You can (a) wait to see if ATThelp will see your post here and offer a Direct Message session, (b) call 800-288-2020, or (c) try visiting and seeing if the automated system will detect the condition properly and help you schedule someone for repair.

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