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Wed, Nov 5, 2014 6:49 PM

Poor Wi-Fi - Solutions for Your Internet Experience

Modem Location & Placement 

Did you know modem location can affect your Wi-Fi signal? If you didn't now you do. The images below show the difference between a poor Wi-Fi signal and a good Wi-Fi signal 



Our Recommendation  

  • Place the modem in a centralized location in your home.
  • Keep electronics away from the modem.
  • Place the modem on an elevated surface, off the ground.

This will improve Wi-Fi coverage if location is an issue.


Note: Metal frames, thick walls, and the construction of the home can impact the Wi-Fi signal. Adjusting the channel can improve this in some instances. Using a wired connection is recommended. Purchasing a Wi-Fi extender may improve your experience.  


Location Not An Issue? 

Make sure you have the best modem environment.

Learn how to adjust channels and other recommendations that can help improve Wi-Fi Speeds.

ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 


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4 years ago

I would like to change the location of my modem. Can I do this myself or does someone from ATT have to come out to movei t?




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4 years ago

@peanut61 - The simplest move would be to make record of where all the wires are connected - move the RG & reconnect the same wires in the same connectors.


That should be easy. You could do that. It gets more complicated if the wires are not long enough or not easily placed


Then you have to know how to extend or replace the current wires.



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4 years ago

Please finish answering the question!!
Most of us would not know how to reroute tne modemt/router or thr wire switches that ATT chose, not us. Therefore if I can get better router coverage in a different location, then YOU, not me, should be responsible for coming out and doing that. Surely you can understand the logic behind that simple thought process, cant you?

Another issue is that you often send contractors out to fix whatever problem there is. Every contractor that I've had comes up with something different and tells me that somebody previous installed something wrong and therefore blah blah blah blah blah. I'm tired of it and I know that anybody is tired of getting different stories from different people if you can't get on board with your contractor then find a new system.

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