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Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 2:57 AM

Pathetic customer services - install no show

Decided to get AT&T internet dsl service. It has been the worst experience I have ever encountered.
First they were supposed to send me the modem within two days but because their inept foreign customer service agent didn't put my apt number so UPS did not deliver it. I had to call them to add my apt number.

Then I get the modem ON Friday the same day my service is supposed to be activated. I plug in the modem, and nothing modem flashing red. I call yet another filippino customer service representative and inform then of the problem. They can't fix it until Monday. AT&T gives me an appointment time of 1pm to 4pm on Monday. I make sure I don't go anywhere that whole time so I do not have miss the tech to fix it. 3pm, in getting antsy I have received no call or text informing me that the technician is on the way. I yet again call AT&T Filipino customer service to confirm that the installation is indeed going to arrive (on hold 45 minutes before they answered). She informs me that the tech left at 3:15pm to install my dsl. She suggested I wait for him to come. I wait until 5pm, still no show or any kind of communication from the technician. I again call AT&T. I'm told I will be on hold for 15 minutes before I can speak to a agent. Instead went on my phone and contacted them via their customer service chat feature. He tells me me again that the installer left the facility at 3:15pm. I told him I already knew that and that it was now 5pm and asked if he was still coming. He said they worker until 8pm and I should wait until then. Well it is now 8pm and still a no-show at all. No phone call, text message, no nothing. So that makes it 8 hours I waited for this tech to show up and i still have no internet service. I believe California has a law on the books that says I can sue in small claims court for up to $600. For no-show installation appointments. I seriously considering it. It pathetic how they treat their customers.

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7 years ago

Sorry to hear of the trouble you are having with your installation. We will be glad to help. To assist further, we need to gather more information. Click here to send us a private message, please include your account number and phone number that is listed on the account.

-BrandonP, AT&T Community Specialist

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