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Saturday, February 10th, 2018 10:39 PM

No dsl lines, how?

I have been since July trying to get a dsl line.  We live in a partly rural area.  The people we bought from had a dsl line.  But, after I made the appointment to install our new dsl line and Directv.... I called to see why the technician was not at the appointment for the install of our new DSL in August..... I was told, AT&T does not have any dsl lines.  I knew that was a bunch of bull, because obviously the people who we bought our home from had one!  I even gave AT&T the phone number it was associated with.  They said, they could not talk to me about that account.  Well here I am 6 months later with no cell service in our home from AT&T and no dsl line.  So in the event of an emergency...... I can't even call 911.  Seriously, AT&T WILL be sued and I know we will win in a court case, since I have tried unsuccessfully for 6 months to get something.  Anything at this time would be great!  I am so over AT&T.  We have 6 cell phones and an Ipad with cell service.  Should I finally get rid of them since they don't really care for their customers......?

I mean, if you can't get me a dsl line, could you at least put up a freaking cell tower?  I need a line!  And if I can't get cell service or a dsl line...... why in the hades would I go to the trouble to get a home phone?  You can't even service your existing customers! 

I will tell ya too, I have had quite a few health problems, so I am waiting on the lawsuit!  Maybe people can get a dang dsl!

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