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Saturday, July 29th, 2023 6:52 PM

Need new underground lines at home

Hello. My family (myself, wife, and 2 kids) has recently moved into my parents house and they have AT&T internet service. It looks like the maximum speed they can get is 25 Mbps down and frankly it's terrible. We have 5-6 individuals that can be using the internet at one time and need an upgrade. I'm moving from an area where I was getting 600 Mbps download, so this is like going back in time. I've looked at similar forum posts and it really seems like my options are limited, but it's imperative that we get an upgrade. My parents said they have contacted AT&T multiple times and had multiple technicians come out and have been told that the underground lines are old and can't support anything faster than the "Internet 25". So what are the steps I can take to get new lines run? Customer service has told us that they are steadily upgrading to fiber, but I know that could be years (or never) till we get it. We live smack in the middle of a very urban area, and the neighbors across the street get full high speed options.  What are my options besides moving?

We have a technician coming out tomorrow for some kind of check up, so what are things I can talk with them about to get this ball rolling?

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11 months ago

Internet 25 is VDSL FTTN from a VRAD.

The big issue(a) would be…

* what card are you on (F, K or N)?

* single pair or bonded pair?

* estimated loop length?

The tech coming out can answer all these questions by running a few tests.

If your on a K or N card, BONDED pair with a loop length over 2800 feet there is no improvement without fiber upgrade IF/WHEN occurs in the future.

VDSL like all xDSL loses signal every 100 feet of copper.

Cards K or N BONDED less than 1000 ft copper loop offers internet 100/20

same setup from 1000 feet to about 1800 offers internet 75/20

same setup from 1800 to 2800 feet offers internet 50/10.

same setup 2800 feet to about 3800 feet offers internet 25/5

same setup 3800 to about 4500 feet offers internet 25/2

If on an F card the very best speed offered is internet 50/10 even if only 400 feet of copper.

Neighbors across the street if on the same run is much closer to the VRAD.

Example neighbor is 600 feet has internet 100/20, the copper line continues down the street for total of 2200 feet crosses the street and heads back to you address is essence making a U. This places your address at say 4000 feet thus have 25/2. Same VRAD on same card but longer copper distance.

It is also possible the houses across the street are on a totally different feed than your side with your service coming from a different direction and possible even different source. Example across the street is coming from a VRAD a block away on their side while your service is coming from a totally different VRAD 3500 away at the opposite end of the neighborhood. Therefore could also ask the tech where the source (VRAD) is located.

Regardless I expect your answer will be switching ISP to cable, cellular from TMobile or Verizon or satellite from StarLink. The other option is relocate to an address that has the speed desired. ATT currently offers FTTP internet to 25 million addresses with less than 2.5 years to reach 30+ million addresses with 21 state footprint. 80% of 10 year fiber build from 2016 to end 2025 out is completed.

Just my thoughts…

EDIT… IF your a single pair service on a F card at say 2400 feet, providing a different card (48 ports per card) is available with 2 free ports you could be scheduled for an installation upgrade. But that is not what the tech is coming to, they will be dispatched on a repair ticket.

When checking your address online, what is the best speed available… if internet 25 you’re done. If a tech can improve the line(s) will not provide a faster overall bandwidth. 



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11 months ago

Look into a different provider 

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11 months ago

If this is truly an issue with old underground cables would switching providers even help? Or are you saying asking another provider to replace the lines would be easier than asking AT&T?

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