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Friday, November 10th, 2017 4:23 PM

More of the runaround and empty promises

I understand att internet does not service my area. Ive have had 4 different agents tell me that they can come and have a tech come and install the lines, bury them underground and install in my home. And apparently do it for free! But allllll of a sudden the answers want to change and I get placed with another agent and they don't even tell me I'm being transferred. Ive been told that ive had a open case about the issue but that was a lie and I was also told that I would receive a call back in 20 min... Well that was 2 days ago! I need the hard wired internet because I work from home.

SO which is it? Can you or can you not do it? I'm tired of the run around and the lies.!!


Please get it together !

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