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Wed, Sep 16, 2020 5:21 AM

Internet Outages?

I ordered internet service two weeks ago, last week a package arrived with self install instructions. I followed those instructions and at the time I was supposed to turn the equipment on an ATT salesman showed up at my door. He told me that an appointment had been made for a technician to come install the equipment. I told him that I had not made any appointments and no one had told me about any appointments. It was very inconvenient timing on ATT's part as I was on my way out and not able to wait for any technician. Later the same day I turned the equipment on as instructed and ... no service. After 2 hours with customer support on the phone and via online chat I was told that they couldn't help me but that a technician would be scheduled for 2 days after. I took the day off to wait for a technician that never showed up. Checking online it shows that my service will be turned on in December 2036, 6315 days from now. That's when my phone calls to customer service really started. I've been calling every day for the past 4 days and all I've been able to get is that there is an outage in my area and that I will get a call to reschedule when it's fixed. Which I find strange as two of my neighbors with ATT have no problem with their service. How long do I wait before I just cancel the service to take my money elsewhere?


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