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Friday, May 12th, 2023 1:36 AM

Internet new build

I’m putting a home up currently. Where a single wife used to be. It has a bell south phone line ran to home. When I contacted at and t they said they do not service my address…but they are the service out there. All my neighbors have at and t. So I was told I might have just a basic phone line but not internet and not available. Who do I contact to get a line ran to me from the nearest thing. 

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5 months ago

you can enter your neighbors address to see if new service is available 

Within ATT 21 state hardwired footprint 80% of addresses or 60+ million have hardwired Uverse platforms internet option. For the other 20% or 15 mmillion addresses were not economically feasible to upgrade aka LEGACY DSL, ATT has not been accepting new customers for some years. These locations would be serviced by satellite internet or cell tower internet such as Fixed Wireless or Hotspot.

ATT AIR would be the 5G internet product if hardwired is not offered. 

ATT AIR is unlimited data about $60 per month with speeds much faster than Legacy DSL could provide which is max of internet 6/.6 if close enough to CO. 

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