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Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 4:19 PM

Internet Always Crashing

Internet Always Crashing 2017-03-28

 Internet Always Crashing I have had loss of connection every time I open  e-mail it is always searching to re-establish connection. Using icon for directly opening another site is always successful. Repeated contact with AT&T and there re-establishing connection has done nothing to correct this condition. Even their service technician on my site was not able to find a reason or any fault. All my equipment checks excellent. Modem router does fine on all other sites. My only alternative may be to select a different E-mail provider. This condition has existed more or less from change from Bell to AT&T. That is a lot of years of bad service.I actually had better service from dial up AOL and downloads were even faster. My perception is a lot more money for much poorer service. AOL had a BETA program which operated better than current provider. In GLENDALE, CA other providers are locked out. Cable is not a good option as buildings lines are steel wire. Steel is not a good conductor for signals as it's resistance is to great. Phone lines are copper but very small diameter wire which simply cannot carry the load. U-verse has the option to connect multiple copper wires into a bundle to increase speed. This simply would not be great enough for high MBPS. My speed shows on test to be under 1 MBPS download and 0 to 1/2 MBPS upload, both widely fluctuating in these low ranges. The lines simply cannot carry the loads. You could equate it with waterline to small to keep even pressure due too small a diameter as usage increases and pressure drops so does volume. Service provider is clearly overwhelmed and will only marginally do better at already extremely overpriced rates by doubling that rate. That is from $80 increase to $160 for slightly faster speeds of a low quality U-verse through copper from box to outlet. My experience with both cable and phone company's U-verse, is both use steel cable from wall to TV. If copper wire cable were installed by user it would slightly improve signal for cable. It would possibly greatly improve U-verse. Ones use for internet of copper ethernet or other cables from wall to equipment would better signal reception although much more costly and is difficult to ascertain unless one uses a magnet. If it attracts it is steel, or cutter to find if it is copper or only coated copper color over steel or aluminum. A resistance test could be made to ascertain material. Fiber optic is a very iffy game as sharp turns and length reduce signal.

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7 years ago

Hi @Fed-upr,


Sorry to read of your service woes. We want to verify, what service do you have, U-versee or DSL? 


In regards to your internet. Do you see any drops when not using opening your email? Are you using a mail client like Outlook or Pegasus? Does the modem blink red? 


Let us know, we are here to help. 



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