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Sat, Dec 8, 2018 7:56 PM

I need to file complaint with corporate, ftc, etc.

  • I have been trying to reach corporate because I have had the worst move service experience with ATT. I tried to move service but couldn't twice because existing service still active at move to address. The people canceled it but Att was slow to remove it because of the holiday.
    Once the service disconnect was confirmed, I called back to finally get service moved just to be told I couldn't get tv. I was never told this by the other agents. They all said I could get tv, internet, and phone as I always had. So she made my move order with internet and phone only.
    I go online to see it definitely says I can get all 3 at my new address. Chat confirmed this as well. Chat told me they will fix it and would call me back. They never called so I called in.
    I told the rep what happened and she said its true I cant get tv then I said no get me a supervisor. She comes back to the phone to say the supervisor confirmed I cant get tv. I said I can go online and clearly get tv. 
    I called back HAVING TO BEG TO GET ALL MY SERVICES MOVED CORRECTLY the rep said i can indeed get all 3 so i said add to my order and she said I had none. So someone canceled my order without my consent. Not only did they cancel it but they didnt send an email text nothing letting me know this. Had I not called myself I would've waited all day Saturday for tech guy. 
    Whoever canceled my order without my knowledge or consent made me miss Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to work. ATT is very responsible for the money I missed from not being able to work due to so many mistakes on Att's part over simply trying to move my service to a new address. I even waited to see what will happen when the tech guy came and surely he installed tv without incident. So I truly went through all of this for nothing and lost over $150.00 from work for nothing all because a rep said I could not get tv then another rep canceled my move order without my knowledge. I would have NEVER agreed to cancel Saturday knowing I need the internet to work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. I couldn't work until Wednesday due to a few rep's giving incorrect information and canceling my appointment. I am requesting compensation for my my first bill to be covered at the new address. I lost over $150 in funds. The days I would've worked is the money I would have made to pay my Att bill. This is so not right. I did nothing wrong. I called to move my services but it turned into a nightmare.
    As far as privacy policy, I never gave consent for anyone to go into my account, never gave my passcode on my account, they were suppose to cal me instead someone went in my account and made changes to my account without my consent. On October 31, 2018 my phone was shut off without my consent. I called in to see what happened. This is so unacceptable now the move order. 


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a year ago

Hello @mystayc215

We understand the frustration and inconvenience this has caused you.

Check out this page here that explains how to properly file a claim.

Hope that helps.

Charles, AT&T Community Specialist

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6 months ago

My appointment was from 12-2pm on a Sunday 9-22-19 it's  5:30 and I haven't even received a courtesy call from AT&T nor the technician letting me know they are a few hours late, I'm sure this is no one problem but I got out of my job at 1:30pm early that is not the time I get out especially on a Sunday and I was suppose to go back look at the time and I haven't been able to go back to my job I recieved a text that he was going to be here at 2pm what happen it's 3 1/2 hours later and nothing.  Calling AT&T  is terrible to get put on hold you get hung up on usually the person on the other end doesn't speak very good English it's so hard to understand them.  With the amount that I pay every month I should be one of the top customers and at least I should get a courtesy call. I'm very upset right now this is un call for. Another thing no one has the number of the person that is coming out to the houses that is also a no no all of them that pick up the phone weather it's customer services should be able to call the person  and find out what is going on. I really hope I get a call back or someone writes back to me letting me know what is going on, because right now AT&T  is acting very unprofessional. 

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