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Fri, Mar 27, 2020 11:09 PM

Fixed Wireless

I decided to give Fixed Wireless a try after receiving a letter in the mail about how it was now available at my address. I am desperate for better internet due to being stuck with DSL as my only real option.

The tech came out two weeks ago today to do the install. I get good measurements on speed tests online but it doesn’t download much faster or if it at all faster than my DSL connection did despite showing 40 MBPS on some speed tests while my DSL connection never showed more than 5 MBPS.

Three nights ago my fixed wireless service went offline and it’s been offline ever since. I can’t get anyone on the phone or chat. And the installer won’t return my calls. What the (Edited per community guidelines) is going on and what am I supposed to do.

If this is what I can expect from Fixed Wireless then I don’t want any part of it. LUCKILY they didn’t disconnect my DSL so I am still able to use it for the time being.


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2 months ago

Fixed Wireless is Band 30 from a cell tower... if a problem exists at the tower a different type of tec would need to be dispatched. Caling would only provide a DirecTv tech to check your antenna, wiring and gateway.

Considering the amount of internet usage currently, peering, congestion and server connecting to has a bearing on your performance as speedtest staying on network was reported to be good.

Calling to schedule an appointment is the only thing you can do... high winds? may have displaced the antenna not allowing a good connection to the tower, thus a DirecTv tech dispatch is the place to start. If the tech determines problem at the tower they would need to create a different tech dispatch.

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Therein lies the problem. I’ve been calling for 3 days. Once sat on hold for over an hour without speaking to anyone. Once sat on hold for 45 minutes only to connect to a rep that couldn’t hear me so the call was ended. And multiple times where the voice options lead me to a message that says to just call back later. This is beyond frustrating.

Nothing changed in or around my home concerning the equipment. So if it’s been down for 3 days and it’s on the tower end, shouldn’t there be some kind of notice sent?