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Mon, May 23, 2016 9:00 PM

Exposed Line/ Wire - How To Report & Things To Know From AT&T



Note: Extreme weather or other factors can cause downed lines, including electrical lines. Always call your local authorities in an emergency situation. Never approach a downed wire yourself.



To report an unburied wire, exposed cable, or compromised man-hole covers both AT&T customers and non-customers can report it by calling here, 800.924.9420. If you are a DSL or U-verse customer, you may also report an un-buried wire or exposed cable using Live Chat support on our Support Center.


Please contact AT&T if:

  • More than two weeks have passed since AT&T performed initial work in your area or at your home, refer to the below section for more details
  • A cable providing service to a house is hanging low
  • AT&T owned equipment in your yard, street or neighborhood needs the attention of AT&T
  • A hazard is visibly present

Some utility companies mark or paint their lines. If the line is marked but does not say AT&T, please report the uncovered cable directly to that company.




During repair or new installation, cables are sometimes left unburied and above ground. Many factors can contribute to this including:

  • Obtaining necessary permits from local authorities – Not only can it take some time to get a permit, but the permit only allows for work on certain dates at certain times.
  • WeatherWeather conditions limit the times we can work. Rain, snow, and other intrusive weather conditions can cause delays. During winter months, the ground can freeze and burying the line cannot take place until the ground has thawed and is soft enough to work on.
  • Home Owner Associations – We work with the community to make sure we follow the HOA polices which may cause delays.
  • New Construction and Coordination of ContractorsGetting the line buried can involve multiple parties which could cause delays.

Your estimated completion date is a projection and may change. We will keep you updated should this occur. Winter weather can cause the promise date to be extended beyond our estimated two week time period. When spring arrives your appointment will be rescheduled to bury the cable. 


You may receive a text message alerting you of your new projected date should a change occur. If your mobile contact number is not listed on your account or you did not receive a text message, feel free to contact our bury team here: 800.924.9420.




  • What time will the crew be there to install it? Do I need to be home?
    • Our cable burial teams do not have set schedules
    • You do not need to be home for the crews to perform the cable burial service unless you have locked gates or fences that would prevent access to the cable.
  • What if I have a sprinkler system or invisible fence?
    • If you have a sprinkler system or invisible fence installed on your property, please indicate the locations of sprinkler heads or invisible fence devices with a visual aid such as a flag, cone or grass safe paint so we can plan a path to bury the cable accordingly
  • What damage will be done to my landscaping?
    • Our teams take special care not to damage your property when burying cables. If any landscaping damage is caused, we will ensure that your property is restored to its previous condition. If you do not see any action after 1 week or have questions, please reach out to us at
      1-800-246-8464: If you live in CA, NV, TX, MO, OK, KS, AR, IL, OH, IN, WI, MI
      1-877-737-2478: If you live in FL, GA, NC, SC, KY, LA, AL, MS, TN



AT&T Customer Care

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4 months ago

Yes I had a line buried the last time my wire was cut a didnt think their was an issue but the wire was only buried to my fence line and then ran along the house into the box about 3-4ft exposed pinned about 2-ft above ground well dogs chewed it from the box. When they come to replace it can they cover with something?

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3 months ago

ATT team came to fix internet cable for my neighbor and dig 2 big holes and left cable exposed over two weeks. I have contact more than 10 different numbers and try to ask someone to recover my yard as soon as possible. 9 of numbers mentioned this is not the right department. Finally 1 call back and promised to recover by last Friday but still did not show out. My plan is going to sue the ATT to payback recovery yard fee and pull out all the cables they left on my property.

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