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Thu, Jul 11, 2019 4:31 AM

DSL Questions

Hi! Over the last several years, I've been trying to get decent internet at my location. Currently, and for the last several years, I have been told that DSL is the only connection available at my house. We are not even getting speeds of 200 kbps. I do understand that there are areas that are not able to get broadband internet, but the interesting thing is I am half a mile from our city's local high school. I'm located on the same road, and several of my neighbors have internet options. I also live and I well populated area in the biggest city for County. Every time we try to ask this question over the phone to customer service they only say that it is not available we are out of service range and there's nothing they can do. I do understand that there may not be anything that can be done, but I'm just looking for an answer. It's to the point to where apps like Facebook have problems loading my feed at all, let alone streaming any video of any resolution. If there's nothing we can do, I honestly will just discontinue my service. It's nothing personal, but the service speed and consistency is not worth the cost. 


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a year ago

Hi @PatDHill,


We are happy to help! 

We do have some helpful resources which help verify your service availability.


First, this one will be to check the unified availability for services.  The U-verse Welcome Center provides details about the services as well as its availability locations.  You can review this forum about possible reasons why your service is unavailable in your location.  Please sign up to be notified when AT&T Fiber is available for you! 


If the service is available, you can order it from these links.  If service is not available, we would suggest signing up for the availability notification from previous link.  This next site will describe AT&T’s future plans for Fiber Network expansion.


I hope this information helps you out.  Have a great day!


Lafayette, AT&T Community Specialist

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