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Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 8:42 PM

Can AT&T install coax cabling at my house coming from the outside?

The title basically says it all but I'll try to elaborate. My home has no coax cable at all but there is line ran on my ran. My neighbors have cable at their homes but I do not have it ran to my actual residence. But is this something AT&T can do? On my U-Verse order, can a technician do this or is this something I will have to hire a electrician to do?



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5 years ago

at&t will not run coax from the street to your house.and neither will an electrician  the cable at the street is owned by the cable company and they are the only ones allowed to mess with the cable .they will use existing cable in your house to provide service but they have shyed away from using coax and prefer using ca5

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