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Sat, Dec 2, 2017 8:33 PM

AT&T won’t upgrade my internet

Had internet installed at my home. The technician ran a test and said my max obtainable speed is 13.4 mbps. But att will only allow me to have 3mbps is there a reason they won’t upgrade me to 6mbps they claim my area is only capable of 3mbps but the technician verified that the line to my home has 13.4mbps.





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3 years ago

ATT always has fun lying to people. Great times great times. They come out with fixed wireless and they won't let me have it even tho it is available here at my home. They won't even send someone out for a site survey because uverse is available in speed of up to.. get this.. up to 768 KB/S OMG. Wow. Man thats awesome.. narf. Fixed wireless is supposedly available at speed of 10mbs but i guess it's just an illusion or a scam. Good luck LOL

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2 months ago

They’ve done me the same way unfortunately

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