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Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 7:57 PM

Adding Internet to TV Service

I apologize in advance for the long background but not sure what is important.  Background:  So we have had UVERSE TV for years.  Currently have a Cisco IPN4320 DVR connected with house COAX.  We originally also had wireless internet (3 years ago) but cancelled because it was not reliable.  Have decided to go back and add Internet.  They had to change out wiring (external problems) and have are installing an NVG589 connected with COAX and CAT.  

The problem is that they are using the original entry point for the cables which is the furtherest point in the house and away from everything else- basically the room over the garage in the back of the house (it's a big house).  This room doesn't even have a TV in it anymore.  

My old setup was an Apple TimeCapsule Router connected to a Gigabit switch in the office.  TWC put the modem in the office connected through the COAX that could be wired into the apple router and run that way.  They have tried to set up the RG with a wireless relay to connect the house but I can only get speeds of 3/1 on the speedtest.

We have never had a problem with our TV service and only have one TV that uses UVERSE in the house.


My questions are:

1.  Does it matter where the NVG589 is located in the house?  Should it be in the office with the network equipement or next to the only STB we have in the house?

2.  Should the STB be connected by CAT instead of COAX?

3.  My TV is internet ready (NETFLIX, etc.) but not wireless.  Can I connect an ethernet between the STB and my TV?  And does this work with my current STB and COAX setup?

4.  Assuming that the best setup is all things requiring hardwired connections (STB and Router) how difficult is it to run wired in an existing house when the office is upstairs and the TV is downstairs (attic and crawl space access is easy).





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9 years ago

1. It's usually best to have the RG next to the DVR and closest to your NID. For most people, you would require a tech to move the gateway to a new location.

2. Ethernet is better than coax. If you're having problems, it's usually coax problems.

3.  Yes, it'll work as long as you're not using the Ethernet port on the back of the STB for U-verse service(using either wireless or coax instead). Just be aware that it's not supported by AT&T and any device connected to the STB will be smacked with a constant stream of data being sent to it that it can't use(all multicast traffic, which the STBs use for TV, gets pushed to any device on that Ethernet port too. The device would just need to keep ignoring all of it).

4. If you're just running Ethernet without moving the gateway, it's probably easy. If you want to move the gateway, it'll serve difficult for most users, but it's probably doable.


You said you only have 3/1. Are you sure you didn't just sign up for the Pro tier?


Also, have you looked into powerline adapters?



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9 years ago

Thanks for your reply.  I'll speak to the tech about moving the gateway closer to the DVR or the NID since currently there is no reason for it to be in the other end of the house except that's where TWC tapped in.   As for powerline adapters, that's how I currently have my TV hooked up to the internet (with TWC) and it does well most of the time.  That's also how the tech tried to connect to my APPLE router.  He may try that again now that the exterior problem is fixed but that seems like a workaround to me rather than a correct install.  As for the Tier of service, it's supposed to be the top tier and that's what the tech was testing for so I assume that's what they have it set up to be.

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