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Wednesday, February 11th, 2015 10:36 PM

yet another /cgi-bin/redirect.ha problem IE 11



I have a problem with our Business Uverse Internet, every website works fine except and a bank website. The above mentioned gets an auto tag on the end of the URL called /cgi-bin/redirect.ha 


I have the same issue at home when my Uverse hiccups and looses connection. I can fix it by clearing my cache in whichever browser I am using. unfortunately, this is NOT working now.


What I have done:

Restarted the NV510 Router modem

Cleared Internet explorer IE's cache (this is the only browser we use here due to company requirements)

Cleared History, Cookies, and ALL history.

We have ran the McAffee security suite, Malwarebytes, Spybot, nothing found.

Rebooted the computer. 

Restarted Modem (again)

The shortcut on the desktop we use when hovered over shows the correct URL but displays "AT&T GUI" 

This also happens when the URL is manual entered in the browser Address bar. 

I cannot install Chrome or Firefox. due to Ford Motor Company's Security protocols, they do not work properly.


I feel like the NV510 is hijacking the URL and I cannot get it to release. 

I have read all over the internet that this is a common  issue with this particualr device, and why it is not fixed is completely beyond me. (I have found a site that offered hacking advice to fix this, but i will not resort to that) 


If anyone has an idea that will work short of tossing a brick at it, please let me know. 





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9 years ago

@rdalme3 See this thread I found Searching cgi-bin/redirect.ha like you could've done:


Good luck 😉



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9 years ago

I have heard of self healing phones.... but apparently the computer/router self healed itself. Its now working fine. Very odd how that happens. 


Thanks for the info tho. I'll keep it and if it happens again I'll refer to it. 




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