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Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 1:47 AM

What firmware updates were done the week of February 8, 2016?

We have AT&T Small Business Uverse, fiber optic, speeds of 200 Mbps/40 Mbps, installed last September.  Up until ~February 9th, it was working fine.  Since then, it has barely worked at all and the modem (Arris NVG595) needs to be rebooted at least two dozen times a day.  If we're lucky, it stays up for 10-20 minutes, which is long enough for us to print a document or make a phone call on our VOIP phones.  Techs have been out here 3 times, modem replaced probably 3 times, we've replaced our router (Cisco) and tested the old one (it's fine) and bought a new one (Juniper).  Was there any kind of firmware update during that week involving a change to the SIP ALG setting?  At this point we have been limping along with incredibly sporadic internet for over three weeks and AT&T is now just blowing us off and doing nothing. At the very least we would like a refund of our monthly charge, and an apology wouldn't be bad either (one of the techs was VERY rude), and I'd also ultimately like to get it to work again.  What changed?





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8 years ago

Hey @ATTU-verseCare can you help?



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8 years ago

@bzwench   On all Uverse RGs, IPv6 causes disconnects, rebooting and browsing problems.

Disable IPv6 in Moto/Arris RGs (510/589/599) info here:


Disable IPv6 in 2wire/Pace/Arris RGs (3800/3801/5031/5268) info here:

Good luck 😉



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