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Tue, Aug 4, 2020 7:53 PM

VERY slow wifi speed & page loads with Fiber BGW210-700 router

I recently signed up for the Fiber 100 plan. My bandwidth is great and I get about 90Mbps down and up. I have < 10ms pings to major sites on the internet (Google, etc.)


But basic web surfing is AWFUL. For example, a simple Google search will take 6-12 seconds to load the page. Almost any page load is like using dialup. Oddly, there's a huge pause where nothing happens, and then suddenly the whole page loads instantly.


If I am on and typing interactively into the search box, I will get near-instant autocomplete results. But when I finally hit enter and do the search, the page load will take 6-12 seconds. I get similar problems on other sites. It's like establishing the initial connection of the HTTP request is the bottleneck. I thought it was maybe DNS, so I switched to but that didn't make a difference.


I suspect the router itself is the problem, because the admin interface is similarly slow when I visit I get the impression that the router hardware is overwhelmed in some way; insufficient memory, unable to handle connections or something like that.


Rebooting the router makes it better for about 6-12 hours, then it slows down again. After a reboot, page loads are not as fast as our previous service (Time Warner cable modem), but it's bearable for a few hours.


I have wired as well as a WiFi clients using the router; it affects both, but WiFi is much, much worse. I am using all the default settings from the initial installation (only thing I changed was the SSID). Firmware is up to date according to tech I spoke with on a previous call. Have already had a tech onsite sell me an extender which doesn't help. Please replace router.


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6 months ago

Hello @griffithc


Slow browsing can certainly be a pain point and be assured, we will work with you to support a resolution. 


Are you experiencing the issue using both bands, 5ghz and 2.4 or does that make a difference with your Wi-Fi connectivity?


Once thing you can look into is changing the Channel through the Wi-Fi settings on the RG (Residential Gateway). It's likely set to Automatic and you can manually change or scan to find the best channel. That option would be listed under the "Home Network" - "Wi-Fi" tabs. Be sure to save any options that have been changed. 


You can do that by typing in into a browser or use the AT&T Smart Home Manager to access the RG and make configuration changes. You can download the Smart Home Manager to your mobile devices or access this link.


We understand that you're requesting a replacement RG; however, there are a few things that we can review such as the mentioned before we would make the assumption of a failing RG. In order to have an RG replacement, that would go through our customer service care group.


If you would like to troubleshoot and determine if you need a replacement, you can call or chat with us. Check out this link for our contact information. The chat option is located at the bottom of the page. 


Chad, AT&T Community Specialist. 



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