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Mon, Sep 19, 2016 2:21 AM


WHY is it that every part of ATT.COM and ATT.NET know I'm logged in, EXCEPT UVERSE.COM?  I keep getting the round-and-round when I'm trying to check my DVR.(BTW, I can't use a phone app, because AT&T killed the app for the Windows phone they were so happy to sell me when they abandoned Windows Phone as a platform.)  Anyways, I click "SignIn", and get the redirect to the "" site where I enter my username/password (the one that lets me in to pay my bill, BTW, no problem letting me in to do that), then click the SignIn button, and get thrown back to UVERSE.COM and get told AGAIN to Sign In.  If I go to ATT.NET, it says I'm logged in.  If I go back to UVERSE.COM, it says I'm not.  This infuriating situation has been going on for YEARS, and in the past I've managed to convince it after a couple of rounds of playing "Please Sign In", but now is totally broken.


I've cleared my browser (IE11) cache, numerous times.  I've had my password reset, and it works for ATT.NET.  This is ridiculous.


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4 years ago

Hi @jkj1962,


Sorry to read of the trouble you are having logging into We can help and just sent you a private message via the community forums. Click here to reply back.



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