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Thu, May 26, 2016 3:08 AM

U-verse internet speeds not what is expected

Hello, I recently upgraded my service from the 18Mbps to the 45 Mbps. The technician came and swapped out the modems and got it working, however, I have run different speed tests on both my xbox and laptop, and show that download speeds are lower than 20Mbps. I was wanting to know if I could do anything to fix it. I am using both devices wirelessly because I would prefer to not have everything plugged in with cords running all my apartment. If it is not possible to get the 45Mbps at my apartment, I would prefer to not pay for it. I hope you can help.


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4 years ago

Couple of points from your post.....


First, take the laptop and an Ethernet cable and verify that you are getting 45 hardwired.

If yes then no issue with service being delivered.


Next is your using wireless which has no guarantee minimum obtainable speed due to the large number of variables that can cause wireless interference.


Third, speaking of wireless network interference, your in an apartment... MDUs have the potential the worst environment to support a decent connection, especially as everybody moves to dual band routers you do not even have the option to get out of a crowded frequency like when everybody was on 2.4 buying a private purchase dual band could lift you up.


The test that counts is hardwired, have seen MDUs on Max Plus 18 get 21 hardwired and only 5 on wireless with 20+ gateways in building.


Up to you what you pay for, lower the speed tier only lowers your WiFi further.

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