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Wed, Jul 8, 2015 3:55 AM

UVerse Constant Major Internet Line Quality Issues - Bonded setup/far from VRAD

I live in Alpharetta Georgia (30022).  I have "UVerse High Speed Internet Max Plus" and U-Verse TV.  Router: Arris NVG589


I'm having serious quality issues with both TV DVR and Internet - especially Internet.


AT&T techs have come out 4 times.  The connection works fine after a reboot...but it degrades over time and then starts having major intermittent issues.  I have a bonded install as I am over 3,000 feet from the VRAD.  They have replace the router twice and changed the VRAD port the last time.  Internet speedtests come back fine at less than 100ms latency and 22 Mbps down and 1.5 Mbps up.  The big problem is that websites will often time out when clicking on URLs or trying to just do simple google searches.  Seems like the quality of the DSL connection over the copper wires is a core issue.  Issue happens on wired and wireless PCs, Macs, iPhone, iPad, etc.


What options do I have to improve the line quality?  I can't do my professional work from home that I need to.  Thinking about calling up Xfinity and paying to have a cable line run to my house (they previously said they wouldn't run it 100 house in cul de sac of older neighborhood built in 1996).


Here are logs from the router:





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7 y ago

I am having exactly same problem for over three weeks. AT&T Uverse outside techs indicated that the problem is wiht outside wiring but they have not resolved it.

Each tieme tech comes they fix one thing with out even knowing if the fix they made actually solved the problem. Then we have to followup again. 

I would suggest tweat to @attcares . Social media team will contact you and will try to help you.


See my posts for more information.


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