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Mon, Jun 1, 2015 4:47 PM

Uverse and a public Static IP Address

I need to know how the Public Static IP addresses work with Uverse. I placed an order for this hoping that it would simply be a static IP address assigned to my modem/router. However, upon reading through the posts here, it looks like you might have to assign public IP addresses to the workstatios behind the modem. I had hoped to simply have an assigned static IP address on my modem and use port forwarding to allow access to computers behnd the firewall.


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5 years ago

Hi @JakeTahoe,


I apologize about the inconveniences. If you did purchase a static IP for your U-verse account, there is some setup required. The great thing is it is a very easy process. You just have to configure the U-verse gateway, so it can handle the routing entries for your static IP block. Below are 2 posts that go over it. Just choose the one that matches your gateway.


Hope this helps.


-David T

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3 years ago

Only have Gigapower 1000 internet service. I need to know how to correctly hook up this miserable gateway with my ASUS AC router running Tomato. I've gone over so much material now that my head hurts! On top of all that I'm dyslexic so that makes matters yet even worse!  We've had this for now two weeks (should be three but AT&T missed the installation date and had to reschedule the following week). 


My old DSL setup was not even this complicated as it just ran through a simple dumb modem. I was then able to assign my own DHCP addresses using only one static IP. I was then able to leave all devices connected to the router as automatic private IPs within the TCP/IPv4 setting.


The AT&T tech came back out after intial installation (tested poor line speed) and set up in the ASUS (after asking) through DHCP. The router is now picking up the IP from the RG. After he got only one device working (two hours later) he left with a basically you're on your own from here buddy! Now having to add static IP individually to each device has also been a major pain! Also I've now ran out of static IP addresses (allotted 5 in a block by AT&T). Bought yet another block to connect the rest of the devices.


I know that some people here on the forum say to place the router in the DMZ+ in the RG. However doing this with static IPs will not work. "Using public static IPs provided by AT&T: in this case DMZPlus/LANIPAA will NOT work and the router must be configured using either the "Cascaded Router" or "Additional Network" settings under the Broadband tab."


The RG is also using some unknown default IP address. I was therefore unable to register on a website due to abuse from that address!  Smiley Mad


So far I am not even impressed with AT&T's performance, nor from their service (being on hold so many times after calling support and almost missed payment due to their paperless billing of which wasn't informed). Sorry to have got stuck with this for one year! 


Hopefully someone knowledgeable here can straighten this all out for me so this can be done correctly! Smiley Frustrated


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3 years ago

Hi @Super-Bee,


We apologize about the confusions. When setting up your router with Static IPs, you just need to configure the static IPs in the Broadband > Link Configuration tab. Select Auto-Firewall Open, and you are done with the setup in the U-verse gateway. After that, you will want to statically configure your devices with the appropriate static IP, subnet mask, and default gateway. The IP will be one of your usable IP blocks, and the subnet mask and default gateway will be the ones you put in your link configuration tab. Hope this helps.



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3 years ago

You are speaking of Add Additional Network? My ASUS router settings are already inside of that. Should I then choose Add Cascaded Router for the router settings?  See my gateway is sending out an unknown IP address that wasn't assigned in broadband>status - Current Internet Connection.

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