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Mon, Jun 4, 2018 8:09 PM

use NVG599 as an additional router with Pace 5268ac to extend wireless network

Hello All,

i have att uverse internet with Pace 5268ac modem/router. but i have been getting a weak wireless signal in my house. i do have a spare Arris NVG599 router/modem.

Can anybody tell me how i can extend my network using NVG599 as a modem?

I tried configuring cascaded network setup, but it never worked.



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2 years ago

It's not going to work. The AT&T gateways are designed to take the main feed from the street. So the 599 has no way to input data to it, as the 5268 already is using it.


You could run a cat5 cable from the 5268 to a desired location and set up a 3rd party router there. 

Or if not wanting to have cables look into WiFi mesh systems. One device (the main hub) plugs into the 5268 and the nodes can go elsewhere in the house and only need power.

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