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Sat, Oct 5, 2019 2:59 AM

Upgrading Speed from Internet 25

I currently have Internet 25 with a technician scheduled to come out and perform an upgrade as Internet 50 is available in my complex, just not at my address.


Can someone take a look at my stats and tell me if they think I'd be able to get higher speed by switching to 17a from 8d? or if I'll need a bonded pair installed? AT&T said the technician probably won't need me to be home, which I am hesitant to believe they'll be doing a bonded pair.


DSL Details

Modem Type Built in modem - ADSL/VDSL

DSL Line (Wire Pair) : Line 1 (inner pair)Type Down Up

User Rate34041 kbs7039 kbs
Max User Rate58439 kbs10548 kbs
Noise Margin17.8 dB10.3 dB
Attenuation17.0 dB16.1 dB
Output Power14.5 dBm-2.1 dBm
DSLAM Vendor InformationCountry {46336} Vendor {BDCM} Specific {45259 }
Rate Cap57121 kbs 
Attenuation @ 300kHz8.6 dB 
Required Impulse Noise Protection3 
VCXO Frequency Offset0.8 ppmOk
Excessive Impulse Noise0Ok




2 Messages

a year ago

Thanks! My appointment time-frame is 8AM - 8PM... I know a 2nd pair is not hooked up in my on-premise telecom room, which AT&T doesn't have access to (I have the key - Condo complex).


Do you think my line stats are good enough that I could get the support to switch me to a 17a profile remotely without tech dispatched?



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