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Sunday, December 20th, 2020 4:26 PM

"Upgraded" from Internet 25 to Internet 50. When will it take effect, am I capable of 50Mbps?

Currently, we were a bit overprovisioned for 25, getting 30Mbps. That's nice, but if we're capable of going up to 50Mbps, I wouldn't mind it and it was basically free, so why not?

At first I was told I would need a tech visit, but eventually they said it would just be a change they could make on the backend.

It's been ~18 hours and no change. I tried rebooting the modem once last night and nothing happened either.

So, the questions:

1. Will the upgrade require a manual reboot of the modem?

2. How long does it generally take?

3. Are we actually capable of 50Mbps? In the router info...well, I'll just post all the info so someone smart can let me know if I upgraded for nothing:

If there is any other info you need to see, let me know.

I have a neighbor right next to the "Box" and I have an inkling we are FTTN. They are able to get 100Mbps speed. I'm just down the street (and it's not a huge street). I don't know if Max User Rate/Rate Cap are software caps or hard limits due to distance/the lines etc.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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3 years ago

Protocol be changed remotely, yes if you were on a K or N card...

But your not, your on a F card... 

Notice your stats... user rate up=max rate up, have no numbers for noise margin or attenuation on the the upstream side.

This would require a tech dispatch to change the port at the VRAD from an F card to a K or N card. If placed on a newer card with 17a protocol would be likely to stay on a single pair connection for internet 50. This would be written up as an internet upgrade Customer Self Install (CSI) with a tech scheduled to do the outside port swap sometime during the day from 8 am to 6 pm.

The date would be scheduled when requesting upgrade, say 3 to 5 days later. When tech is dispatched on the upgrade, you will lose service for up to 30 minutes. Most techs do not call when performing this work as do not need to enter the home, no customer contact needs to be made.

Just so your aware, if lose service while working from home or virtual school on the assigned upgrade date. 

If your address qualifies and the facilities are available, both 2 ports on same card (card has 48 ports) and 2 binding posts at terminal you should be able to order internet 100/20, if over 1000 feet but less than 1800 feet could order internet 75/20.

Note if your in an apartment may not be configured for bonded pair as many units do not have the extra pairs available, only single pair service. Did  you check your address online? If internet 100 is listed as best speed your should be able to order, in internet 50 is listed as best, that will be all you can order. 

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3 years ago

Your single pair line cannot support internet 50 as your max user rate is only 37....

Will require a tech dispatch to convert your service from single pair to bonded pair install, expect 2 to 2.5 hours of tech on your job with most of the time being outside... inside work should be less than 30 minutes. 

Tech will need to likely work at 5 different locations....

* The wall jack the gateway connects to

* The splice point where wiring to the jack connects to the NID (edit... if not a single cat5e home run to the NID)

* The NID, install a 2nd protector, tone drop to terminal, connect 2nd pair of drop 

* The terminal connect the 2nd pair of drop to assigned binding post, tone to cross box

* Connect jumper from VRAD to F2 pair distribution after check good tone signal.

Tech release cutting off current service, activating the bonded pair service. The gateway may be replaced (upgraded) depending on current model. If not replaced the gateway will need to be rebooted to be configured for new profile.

The new profile will have line 1 and line 2

Be user rate of either 55 or 60 if evenly balanced would be 27.5/6 each line for 55 or 30/6 each line for 60. Lines should be within =-20% of even balance point thus line 1 of 27 and line 2 of 33 for total of 60 is acceptable as this would be +-10% of 30.

Your MAX SYNC total should be above 70, the higher the better... if use your current 37 on line 1 if line 2 was similar would have a total Max Sync around 74 to 75 for internet 50.

Note... depending on copper loop distance... your protocol is 8d... may be able to if port profile was changed to 17a and stay a single pair. Internet 100/20 is (2) internet 50/10 bonded (combined) at the gateway. Total copper loop needs to be under 1000 feet on K or N card set to 17a protocol.


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3 years ago

Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed to know.

The direct distance to the VRAD/box is 500-600ft, if the wires follow the road it's closer to 750ft. I even tried out some worst case scenarios and I'm 99% sure that I am closer than 1000ft.

Can the protocol change be done remotely? Is there anything specific I should mention when I call?

Finally, if I do the bonded pair install, could that mean 100Mbps could be a possibility?

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