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Wed, Aug 26, 2015 4:12 AM

Unresolved billing and internet issues

My contract was about to expire at the beginning of August, so I started shopping to see what deals I may be able to get. My internet was decent at around 20Mbps, but we did have intermittent issues. Actually, it got to the point I contact customer service. Their solution was to get me a good deal and upgrade my service.(Mind you, I had a good deal - like $40 into for basic cable, HBO, and 20 internet speed. I only used HBO for 2-3 months max, and the cable TV was used for less than a month...I only bought the bundle deal because it was the best price for internet speed. I came from TWC and was getting 25Mbps.)


So I emphasize that I only need cable and I supposedly get the "Max Turbo" for $50.00 per month and promised the latest and greatest modem to fix my slow intermittent internet. I signed up and the ATT techs arrived a few days later. They did some testing outside my house and noted that I had some line interference. They made it very clear that the issue was on ATT side and that they would send a follow up Tech to repair the line...never happened to my knowledge, but I'll get to that. I spared the ATT Tech from trying to route wire through crawl space and he promised to install the line outside and around my house neat. He got it around my house to my office. I showed him where to drill the hole from the exterior wall into my office (six inches below the window sill plate - to match wall outlet height). Not sure what ruler he used because before I could monitor where a hole was going, he was leaning into the wall on the drill and a hole appeared just above my wood cove base plate, and it was way off center from my window. He did cover the mistake pretty good by making the low hole covered by the lower left of the face plate.


He got done with the outdoor wiring and I took a look at his "professional" work. The wire was sagging from the sofit of my roof about one staple every 6-10 feet with about a 1 drop. That was disappointing and asked if he could button them up to take the droop out. He said he could do that, but I don't like to have to ask people to do their job...I was not too happy about that but I can understand a long and hard days work.


He seemed to be configuring my old modem...when I say old, it was outdated by 3 generations of wireless technology with "G" protocol. Even the guy selling me the service stressed that I should not have this old modem. Anyway, I ask Mr. ATT rep/tech, "Are you setting up my service with that modem? Aren't you going to upgrade my modem?" "No, this one works good." Then I replied, "The man troubleshooting with me on the phone promised that he would get me the latest modem. Can you upgrade my modem, please?" He answered in a peculiar way, "I - Can" as if he was not going to do it. At that point I felt a bit uncomfortable in my own house with this man acting like I was taking his toys away...I forgot to add that before he drilled, he issued a command for me to move a pile of my belongings...In my mind I am thinking who is this guy telling me what to do in my house.? I let it go and tried to not take it personal. Ok, done complaining about the Tech...opps, one more thing...no three more things. I told him I do not need any of my ATT wireless and TV equipment. He said he can take it from me. The appointment was around noon to 2pm but he did not arrive until about 3 pm with his supervisor (nice professional man). I had to be at another commitment at 5:30pm, but the gentleman did not finish until 7:00-7:30pm. He was out doing paperwork in his car when done and I remembered to give him the equipment - I rushed out to give it to him in one of my amazon boxes. I don't know why, but I wanted to keep the box. Of course, he commands - just give me the box. I hesitated and he politely said "if you don't mind". I did mind, but I was also happy to be rid of that equipment that I never used and released my box with ATT equipment. I asked if he had my old modem too and he said yes. I asked for a receipt, acted like I did not need one and said not to worry about it and he would take care of it. That made me uneasy, but hey, he has the ATT shirt on in the ATT truck, so he represents them.


Well, guess what.?. I got a follow up call from a lady asking about my new service. I told her about my experience, and she sounded empathetic and concerned. I thought she may actually be able to help me so I asked some follow up questions myself, like what internet service do I have and what is the status of the technician to check my line and by the way, I gave my equipment back to that technician?  And of course she tells me that was not normal procedure and she was surprised to hear he took that the equipment from me. Now that was missing inventory on my account. Again, unsettling knowing that I am caught in the ATT web system (it is worse than you think...read on). They have customers ship it back to ATT. Dang. My original order was not proper and included U-verse TV which I do not use. I explained this clearly to the lady, but she somehow thought that I wanted U-verse TV - Pause - now think, why in the world would I be saying I only want U-verse high speed internet, I don't use the TV or that old wireless tech and I gave all my equipment back to ATT?? Ok, seems like a screw is loose here, but I patently walk through the troubleshooting steps, and I get to a point where I asked about the status of the line tech, and she found no such record of it. She did some of her tests on my line and next thing I know, the ATT line tech who was supposed to come to my house, now will cost me $90 trip charge! I explained that the two ATT Techs advised the problem was with the ATT line, but she insisted there was a problem with my network. I pulled up the modem page with the errors posting and read the tech data to her. She said that there was a problem on my network. Maybe I did not see what the techs were talking about but those were unrelated errors, because all the sudden, she said I had the problem and not the 2 technical experts who had on-site sophisticated equipment hooked directly to the wire coming to my house from the pole. That is where the errors were coming from and reading on their equipment, lady. It was of no use to try to continue talking or reasoning with her. I got the sense that she was not technically savy or inclined. Maybe she was still in training, because she seemed like she would be able to help me at first.


On a later call, I got a supervisor on the line and explained the "errors" in the line the men got and the errors my modem was reading (logged into it). He did his remote testing and said the errors were minimal and my download speed was proper and correct. Oh well, he was not explaining what the two men were talking about, but I could see I was getting nowhere with him without risking a $90 payment for the ATT tech to come out.


I did not intend on telling you the whole story and complaining so much, but I guess it was building up. I am frustrated because I try to search the website for what I need, I try calling to fix problems with my billing but it is after hours. I work during business hours so hard to call then. Anyway, my bill should not be $125.00. I never approved or authorized the TV. I think the first deal I got for internet max turbo was only good for 2-3 days...I tried looking around for renewal options, but kept getting that I had three days left if I upgraded. Anyway, I am guessing some system error occurred and messed up my bill. Then we have the lady, who was of no help. If she changed my service to what it should be, it did not go through. I'm pretty sure I was courteous and polite to the next ATT person, and I thought this was all straight now, but I just got billed for TV and internet at full price. I am supposed to have an internet discount for internet only. I did get the ATT tech guy to provide me the new modem as promised, but honestly, it is outdated technology too. "N" wireless is the top capability of this Aris modem, NVG599, but I have had an ASUS router with “AC” technology for 1.5 or 2 years now. I am not using it with the Aris now. My primary computer used is a desktop and I am hardwired directly into the modem.


I hope I did not totally waste my time telling this story. I got some venting out of it at least. We can't fight the system. I just want my bill straight and for ATT to follow through with their promise to me to get this line fixed. Oh, and yeah, I called both Tech's back and left detailed messages requesting a call back around the time that lady said she saw no orders and jacked up my bill some more along with my blood pressure. I would expect that it would not take 5 attempts to fill this simple request to provide me internet only - Max Turbo for $50.00 per month total was the new promo deal, not $125.00/month. Come on, give me a break, ATT.




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7 y مضت

My reply is in-line below and in bold font.
@my thoughts wrote:

I am sorry you have had this experience, while I cannot help directly I can hopefully offer some advice. Appreciate you reading my concerns and listening to my woes.


Renewing contracts and pricing is not available online but generally done with RETENTIONS group not SALES.  I think someone from "RETENTIONS" called me after I ended a chat session. He sounded like he may be located in India.

New customer pricing for Max Turbo (list $72) is discounted $17.05 for $54.95, this also would require the equipment fee for the RG so expected bill is $61.95 for internet only. I do not recall the exact pricing, but when we were done haggling the total price was about $50, no equipment charge. He was able to offer me something from a month ago - do you have any records of our conversation? 


It is possible you can get a bigger internet discount by bundling service such as TV, so $50 internet with added cost of TV service is not same as $50 internet stand alone service. Maybe that is why there is confusion about the TV service. If I can get the Max Turbo and TV service for $50, that is good with me. Why is my bill $125.00 then?


The tech sounds as if relatively new, as the tech should only remove swapped  equipment such as RG, any other equipment should be returned via a UPS store front to provide tracking information. I am not sure if he was new. He did have his Supervisor with him when they arrived and stayed with him helping for at least 30 minutes, maybe an hour. Alex, the main (junior) tech, introduced himself and did the talking at first. The man behind him was much brighter in attitude. I found out later he was the boss. He was working very hard on the problem with the line outside and jr. was running tests on the line. I think they had to run or connect another pair to get me on the Max Turbo. Also, the delay may have been due to an overrun with another customer, or they may have been down the street working at a netword node/hub/whatever it is - working on the ticket for my order. They did call me to notify me of their status, which was appropriate.


I am still not very happy that he took all of that equipment and frankly do not want to hear about what "should have been done." He SHOULD have been trained properly and someone from ATT should have told me - I asked someone from ATT, to bad they did not know. You should be able to locate that tech - August 6 service date.


If the tech created an outside line tech helper ticket would not be allowed to complete the job till outside work was done, meaning either a stay/play waiting for outside tech to arrive (not likely after 3 pm) or return the ticket and no installation on that day with old service remaining. Um, ok...not sure what that means to me or what you are trying to indicate. I'll I know is that they said a line person would come out at another date. I asked if I needed to be home and they replied "no, the work will be all outside." I would think that there should be a record of this incident or work. Maybe normal proceedure was not followed. What I am getting now is that either ATT did not follow through with what they said they would do, or they did follow through and fix the line if it is working now. Secondly the customer generally does not pay for outside work unless custom request such as moving the drop location or aerial to burial drop work. Exactly, that is my point and complaint about the polite but confused lady (I think she was in training and getting help from Sup too). That is why I was irritated to hear them making up a problem with my computer when the two gentlemen said there was a problem with the line. This whole thing would be resolved if one of them would return my calls. What is the point of giving their phone number if they do not answer or return a call?


I take it the manager was not on site the whole time (Correct), or the manager is not Uverse familiar as happens when people are moved from one department to another. I can understand that - corporate culture. Disconnects are common place and hard to avoid in a disjointed and chaotic world.


I recommend drilling from inside to outside, not the other way... Uhhhhh...yeah, but I would have done it different too and been more carefull. I kept thinking that this guy would do a better job if he were working on his house. I felt that he really did not care. I know that he does care, because he did go back and correct slop in the line and adjust the cover plate after we asked him to make the corrections. Had we not, I doubt he would have done anything in addition and on his own accord.


Anyway, I'm not sure why you are making a recommendation to me and at this point in time. I have a hole in my wall in the wrong place. I let it ride because am I going to go through the hastle and fight to get ATT to fix my wall? No thanks. We are just doing damage control now and I can live with a low wall jack - although it ain't to code if there were one for tele lines.  Also, fyi - my exterior wall is brick, so he may have started outside to drill through the mortor and not hit a brick. Otherwise, I would agree with your recommendation.


The standard new (2013) RG for non giga markets with tv service is the 589, 2.4 GHz b/g/n with (4) 10/100/1000 ethernet ports while non TV service accounts should receive the Pace 5031 2.4Ghz b/g/n with (4) 10/100 Ethernet ports.

Both of these can easily support a 24M internet profile.  Again, this does not help or apply. I am paying for the 50M service.


Acceptable FEC errors are up to 100 per minute, 1500 in 15 minutes, 6000 per hour, 144k per day. What type of errors and rates are you receiving. I remember seeing 0 and -1, and one of the FEC errors was over 800...Let me check it now and see...actually, looking better right now. FEC has 834 downstream errors on line 1, 0 upstream and line 2 has 0 and -1. Showtime has...well here you go:


Errored Seconds (ES) Line 1 Errored Seconds (ES) Line 2 Severely Errored Seconds (SESL) Line 1 Severely Errored Seconds (SESL) Line 2 Unavailable Seconds (UASL) Line 1 Unavailable Seconds (UASL) Line 2 FEC Errors Line 1 FEC Errors Line 2 CRC Errors Line 1 CRC Errors Line 2 DSL Initialization Timeouts Line 1 DSL Initialization Timeouts Line 2


Recommend downloading the myatt app, sign in with Uverse email/password and run the fix it now portion of app. Ok, good recomendation and now getting somewhere, but bad news is that I have been there done that got the T-shirt. I am at the point of complaining online for the entire world to see that I am cranky about my internet service...in other words, I've already been on the phone with the helpdesk enough times to conduct a training for ATT...ok, maybe not that much...hey, I thought you read my long letter and I thought I talked about trouble shooting already. - Yeah, I actually thought that was a pretty cool feature that ATT came up with since I was last with ATT. A green check mark means no issues while problems detected can create a service ticket without needing to talk to someone. I don't know how it reads now if good or bad besides what you just informed me about. Thank you for that tip. The problem is that the men did not write down the problem or tell me exactly what it was, and if they did, I don't remember. I just kind of took their word for it and trusted that they would take care of the problem as they said they would. Right now it is a mystery. Despite all my complaining, they got the job done and it could have been much worse. I just want to get the full service of what I am paying for. Right now, I get constant interruptions and problems watching you tube videos. I doubled my internet speed to fix the problem, upgraded my modem, took a hold in my wall and wasted 10+ hours, 4 tonight alone trying to get what I am paying for. 


Billing department is available 8am to 7pm M-F and Saturdays 8am to 5 pm, call at least 1 hour before scheduled end of day.


If I can help further, please post again, thank you.




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7 y مضت

My bill is stick incorrect. I paid double the price last month because TV was included and the bill is still too high in price, even after $20 discount.

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