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Sat, Aug 1, 2020 3:39 PM

Slow Page Load Over WiFi

I was recently upgraded to 75Mb service and they installed a new AT&T modem as part of that upgrade. I am getting good results on speedtest, close to the advertised speed, both over WiFi and with hard-wired ethernet connections.


However, I notice some significant lags when loading a web page, anywhere from 2 seconds to over 20 seconds, especially on my WiFi-connected iPad. After I click on a link in Safari, the progress bar extends about 1/2 inch, then stalls. Eventually, after a wait of 2 to 20 seconds, the lock symbol shows up next to the website name, and the page loads very quickly from there. I also see long delays in games (such as Angry Birds) when accessing their host. I do not see the same delay when loading pages from my desktop, which has a hard-wired ethernet connection. 


I suspected the problem with the DNS server. My modem is using the standard AT&T DNS servers, and tried changing my iPad to use one of the free DNS servers (, but it did not solve the problem.


Any suggestions? Do you know of any reason I would get different response time from WiFi versus ethernet?


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6 months ago



I tried several of the suggestions above. Most of them didn't help, but I finally found one that solved the problem. To be clear, it was not slow loading of web pages, but a delay before the system even started loading.


1. I turned off virus protection and ad blocking. No change.

2. I cleared my browser cache. No change.

3. As I stated in my original post, the problem occurred on multiple websites and other apps such as games.

4. The same problem occurred on my iPhone and my wife's iPad, also connected to the same WiFi network.

5. I looked at the links to the Apple message boards. Most of these posts are 9-10 years old -- clearly not applicable.


Although I had rebooted the modem multiple times during the install, I tried again. This time it seemed to make a difference. After the reboot, web pages did not have that initial lag when loading. Response time is fairly fast and consistent. Game response time is much better also. I don't know if I got a new IP address on a different sub-net, or if there was some other change. I waited a couple of days, and the system is still responding quickly.


I consider this item closed now. Thanks for your suggestions.


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6 months ago

Hi @Johnmatushek, we are happy to help.


Are you running a virus protection software program on your iPad of system?

Some virus protection may cause a delay in a webpage loading.


Does the issue happen on other computers that are connected via WiFi? 


You may need to clear your browser cache. The cache stores all sorts of temporary internet files, including bits of web pages


Also, have your tried to reboot your WiFi gateway?


Does this lag happens on any other website?


There are many discussions oniPad's issue about webpages loading slowly


We look forward to hear back from you. 


Lafayette, AT&T Community Specialist

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