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Sat, Jan 25, 2020 12:11 PM

Router will not track byte usage

I have a ZTE MF279 router from AT&T. On the whole, it works very well. I am pleased with my Internet service. However, there is one particular feature that simply does not work. The router administration program has a tab called Data Usage. Within that tab, you should be able to monitor the byte usage by each device connected to your router. This would be fabulous if it worked. We got a Firestick TV device for Christmas. That device gobbles bytes in huge chunks. If I knew how much data it used, I could monitor it and unplug it when it had consumed the monthly amount I allow it.

Now the feature does work for a few days at a time before it fails. You can see in the attached images. taken 48 hours apart, that the numbers for each are exactly the same. Well, never mind about the images, the image upload tool won't upload them. They're less than 100k each, so it is not a size problem. Those numbers for each device will be the same tomorrow and every day after, unless I reboot the router, in which case the numbers go to zero. Sad face.

I worked with tech support on this for hours. They replaced the router and it changed nothing. So, I've resorted to whining about it here on this forum, just in case anyone can add anything to my troubleshooting efforts.

Thanks for caring.


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