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Sunday, May 24th, 2015 7:18 AM

PSN sign in failing from uverse internet


Just around 9pm PST on 5/23/2015 i became unable to sign into the gaming platform PSN (Playstation Network) in Los Angeles CA. I have done the general router reset, PS4 reset to no avail. I have tried switching out the DNS servers to google's DNS servers also.


There might have been a config change on AT&T's side as there does not seem to be any change on my side.


I cannot access the URL for PSN sign in on my pc even: 



It begins to load the page, then times out. Not sure what is going on but it would be nice to have Playstation access back for the memorial day weekend.


Thanks for any help with this. I am able to login to the same URL using my mobile device's data connection. So it must be the way AT&T is handling the page request.





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9 years ago

Experiencing the same issue here in Middle Tennessee and it started Wednesday May 20th around 12am.


I have poured several hours into troubleshooting the issue with no luck fixing it.  On my NVG589 I have setup the NAT/Gaming settings forwarding ports TCP 80, TCP 443, 3478/3479, 3480 and UDP 3478/3479 as suggested by Sony.  This did not help at all so I removed the settings.  I also tried the pre-programmed PSN selecton in the NAT/Gaming section and noticed it does not include all of the TCP/UDP ports that Sony indicates the PSN uses nowadays so I tried that and it failed.  I also setup IP Passthrough (the closest thing to a DMZ I can find on the NVG589) and it failed.  I also confirmed the MTU setting for my setup is good at 1500.


My PS4 times out trying to connect to the PSN and my computers time out trying to connect to the PSN from a browser; everything was fine before May 20th 2015.


I try to ping the three domains/IP Addresses that show in the NAT table for my PS4 and all they do is 'time out' and fail.


Took my PS4 next door to my neighbor, who has internet from a different provider, and guess what:  It works.  This proves my PS4 is not the issue so as far as I am concerned this is all on AT&T and some route table garbage up in the great wide and wild web.


Only options I think are available at this point in time:

1) Wait for AT&T to pull their head out of their network backend and undo whatever they did on the 20th.

2) Switch to a different broadband/internet provider.





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9 years ago

Just a quick update:  I spoke with u-verse support and from the rep's vantage point on AT&T's network the TCP & UDP ports for PSN were 'open' and appeared to be working ok.  She didn't have a local fix for me to try other than everything I have already attempted.  She tried to contact Sony for me but they are experiencing a 'high' call volume and she could not get through.


The is always the possibility that this is not a u-verse transport / routing issue and may indeed be a Sony or Amazon Web Services transport / routing issue.  I mention Amazon since they appear to be hosting some or all of the PSN for Sony.


I just checked the PSN status page and it shows everything as up and available but take that with a grain of salt.


My X-Box One is working just fine so u-verse is communicating with Microsoft without issue.





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9 years ago

im having the same issue with my plastation 3 , it fails the internet connection test  but  passes the ip adress, ps3 will not play any games not even disc.....but once i disabled the internet connection everything was fine played all games downloaded and disc....but at the same time the PC's we have will not load certain sites and a uverse message comes up this all started today and paid the bill on time and everything ...i dont understand what is going wrong, why can i type this message but cant playonline.....did you find the problem????

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