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Sunday, January 13th, 2019 4:27 PM

Programming on the History Channel

I recently found out AT&T U-Verse customers could access some of the shows available on; however, I have been having problems.


I am trying to watch one of their series when I started getting "User Not Authorized" errors on certain episodes.  I contacted's support.  They suggested I try a different browser, so I tried both Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer with no success.  Their second suggestion was to contact my provider (AT&T U-Verse) and find out what programming we have been cleared to stream.


I can't seem to find a page for that or a place to ask, so I came here.  Can anyone tell me what programming we have access to under U-Verse with  Thank you.

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5 years ago

Are you wanting to access shows on The History Channel using their app, the Uverse app or using the History Channel website


Programs available on their WEBSITE and using their app will be a decision by The History Channel.  AT&T would have no imput on that.  The programs available from THC thru the Uverse app can be different.

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