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Wed, May 24, 2017 5:02 PM


Port Forward Minecraft Server Issues

I have scoured the internet and tried many of my own experimenting to no prevail. I simply cannot make the port 25565 become publicly open.


A list of things I have tried:

Ethernet vs. WiFi connection types

Setting both ethernet and wifi connection types as static and/or dynamic

Trying 3 different port mapper/ auto port forwarding softwares

Tested the port accessibility through a number of "is my port open/server up sites"

Reset router (multiple times)

Reset computer (multiple times)

Disabled Firewall

Disabled specific parts of Windows Firewall

Disabled all Antivirus that may be interfering

Attempted to connect to the server via outside computers

Attempted the Hamachi method with a friend and another outside computer


Ethernet Connection

I have a ethernet cable that stems from my computer into a small box (originally intended for streaming TV from the router, but also doubles as a conduit for internet access when a ethernet cable is attached). That box then has a cord that stems all the way down stairs into the router which is a Pace 5268AC. Ever since we have been supplied with this box it has made any kind of port forwarding a pain in the rear. I have been able to port forward on past devices, such as 2-wire, but this new box is nothing but headaches. The small box I am connected to, which is the connected to the router, is something called a Motorola Model: VIP1200. Yes this is also At&t hardware. The last thing I can think is that the motorola small box has some kind of built in firewall and that I need to connect to the Router directly, but I have been avoiding this option because 1. My computer is a big desktop 2. I have port-forwarded through this small box in the past with little to no issue.


Wireless Connection

My wireless connection is my desktop computer's secondary connection ability letting me connect straight to the Router via WiFi. This option skips the small box mentioned before meaning there shouldn't be something in the way per say.  I have tried a number of different things with this but it simply doesn't work either.



This is odd because this is the "if all else fails" technique which has ultimately failed... Smiley Frustrated

Hamachi does it's own type of port forwarding which is easy and simple. I have done all the correct steps to make my server run through Hamachi, but to no prevail. I hope that you all are familiar with it, and if you aren't, well I guess this portion is meaningless to you.


Final Thoughts

This sucks. Like this is actual garbage. I have NEVER in my life been so frustrated with technology as I am right now. My issue seems so unique it's almost baffling. I have taken bits and pieces from other peoples issues online, but nothing I adopt from their methods ever works. I am to the point where I want to switch providers to something a little more user friendly. If one of you magical At&t geeks could save me from this nuclear option I have considered then PLEASE do it. And hopefully soon. If you request pictures of the whole set up and pictures of the things I have tried then I can provide them. I just hope you can figure it out because it is your technology in the first place. 

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I found a fix for the problem. Sorry for the attitude before. I'm sure you can understand where I was coming from after trying what seemed like virtually everything.


Supposed Fix

1. Reset EVERYTHING! That means reset your router and computer.

2. Undo any previous changes / attempts made (this also means failed port forward attempts)

3. Make your Ethernet connection only run on IPv4

4. Make the IPv4 connection into a static connection https://portforward.com/networking/static-win7.htm This link gives pictures and details on how to do this.

5. Proceed to the at&t's online internet tool thing. Should be able to access it by putting this into your address bar.

6. Go to settings/firewall/applications,pinholes, and DMZ

7. click "Add a new user-defined application"

8. for convenience name it minecraft1

9. Select TCP

10. Port should be set to 25565 in both boxes

11.  leave map to host port blank

12. Map to Host Port should be set to 25565

13. DO NOT choose an application type

14. Select "add to list"

15. go back and create a new user-defined application

16. Name it minecraft2

17. Select UDP

18. Repeat steps 10-14

19. Go back to the Applications, Pinholes, and DMZ page

20. Find your LAN IP address.

      (if you followed the previous steps correctly then you should already know what it is)

21. Put it in the "Enter IP address" search bar and click "Choose"

22. Scroll to the "Application List" and filter applications by "User-Defined"

23. Select and add both minecraft1 and minecraft2. If it says that they somehow interfere with each other then you did not follow the previous steps correctly.

24. Click the "Save" button once you finish adding the applications to your device.

From here it SHOULD work. If not then I have listed some other options to try that may be getting in the way.

25. Go to "Advanced Configuration" under Firewall on the at&t page and make sure Stealth Mode and Block Ping are not enabled.

26. Allow all the traffic through the Firewall

27. Disable all Attack Detection

28. Go to Windows Firewall and allow all JAVA processes to have private and public access, and enable them all.

29. Disable your AntiVirus Firewall/'s

WARNING!! These things can make your PC vulnerable so I recommend writing down what your original setting are before changing them in case something goes wrong. Also figure out what does, and does not need to be enabled so you don't have a bunch of stuff being allowed through the Firewall.


Testing your connection

Use any online port checker tool. Very simple.


Finalizing the server

At this point you should know if your ports are open. 

1. Next go to your servers.properties file in your server folder.

2. Set the server IP to run on your LAN IP address

3. Double check that it is also running on port 25565

4. Run your server

If it is giving an error then you probably set the IP as your external IP  (the IP your friends use to connect to you)

Make sure it is running on your LAN IP aka your internal IP address


Testing your connection pt. 2

Go to this website https://dinnerbone.com/minecraft/tools/status/

and test to see if the server is up. If you did everything correctly then it should work

This is optional, but have a friend or a different computer attempt to connect to your server. This is a definitive way to tell if your server is up. Smiley LOL


If you have any questions please ask. I think I might be an expert in this thing in particular now after all the stuff I went through. Smiley Frustrated




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I have the problem of not being able to connect to any server. Keep getting a message saying the server authentication is down for maintenance. Would this be a similar problem? Other people can hit the server without issue.[edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]



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So I followed all these steps but when I join the server it lets me join, but when I give the IP I used to join to my friend, he can't join on the same IP. and on the settings for my router it says that I have both Minecraft files set up correctly but when I check my connection it says that I have the minecraft port(assuming its 25565) blocked. Any ideas on how to open it? I also used an at&t guide for my model router on how to port forward but it doesn't seem to work\


Edit: I forgot to do the first couple steps on turning the IPv4 address into a static address.

2nd Edit: should I reset my router as in like unplug it and replug it in manually or should I reset it on the gateway online?

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I did EVERYTHING on here and it still says port closed


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We're here to help, @Popcornrat 

Here is our port forwarding information page which provides you with a step by step on how to enable port forwarding on your account. 

Here is also additional information on network practices which explains which ports can be used and which ports may be restricted. 

Let us know if you have additional questions. 

Deandra, AT&T Community Specialist. 

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