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Sun, Jun 12, 2016 9:40 AM

No internet access on iphone 6 only wireless!!

I have uverse, voice, tv, Internet with uverse and  AT&T wireless. I love all my services but I would say for the last 3 months I've had horrible experience connecting my iPhone 6plus to my home wireless.  I have an app that monitors if there are any issues with the wireless connection & I'm getting an error saying my network ONLY HAS ACCESS TO "WIRELESS"....... not internet"......   it used to say "WIRELESS WITH INTERNET" but I get this message quite often & when I do I can not connect to the Internet. I've researched online & haven't founds anything that could help me. I've called AT&T so many times & they have no idea what are I'm taking about or they don't make how to fix it. even one of the reps told me I was a "Chronic Customer" since in one month they sent 7 techs & no one was able to fix it. During the last 3 months.  I'm sure it has somethings to do with the wireless setting. I also have a MacBook Air & it's connected through wifi & don't seem to have the sane problem as my iPhone 6bplus. I've restore the network settings on the iPhone & nothin. any help I can get??  thanks guys!FullSizeRender-2.jpgbefore I had access on my iPhone 6 Plus to wireless & InternetFullSizeRender-1.jpgno I can not browse the internet if I'm connected to my wifi at home. it says I only have wireless

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6 y ago

Hi @gogolatinboy,


Sorry to read of the trouble you are having connecting your iPhone. The fast your have devices that are staying connected tells us the modem is working as it should. All devices would be dropping if there was a bigger issue. 


In the past, the device itself was the culprit. There are a few things you can do to attempt to resolve the problem


  • Reboot the iPhone
  • Reboot the modem
  • Verify the modem environment is clear of electronics like speakers
  • Update the channels on the modem to see if that stabilizes the connection


Check out this article, it explains proper modem environment and will have information regarding the channel change. 



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