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Wednesday, September 20th, 2023 5:42 PM

List of Devices connected to my router over the last month

I've had some issues with people connecting to my router. I was able to see them in my smart home manager, but they are not showing in there now. How can I get a list that shows the dates that they were last connected? I need to be able to prove when these devices were last connected.

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3 months ago

We hear you @rhondalaurae. Let's get the answers needed.

We'd like to inform that you'll be able to view history of connected devices as long as your router has not been reset or lost power since the device was connected. You can Learn How to Manage Wi-Fi devices with Smart Home Manager.

Hope this helps!

ChrisM, AT&T Community Forum Specialist


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1 month ago

@ATTHelp ChrisM, that link is dead.

I've had suspicious connections recently display on my connected device history, router model BGW320-505. Connections displaying at impossible hours. Is there a known history of glitches where devices display as connected even though they have not?

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