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Thursday, April 27th, 2017 12:55 AM

issues with voice services since moving to AT&T (Teamspeak 3, Curse Voice etc.)

Can anyone help troubleshoot this? I am using ip forwarding to give my beefy router the public IP address and it was from my previous location so all port forwarding is correct, I also forwarded everything in the new AT&T router. It is an arris one for gigabit internet. Connecting to a VPN solves the problem instantly, connecting to any other network like my phone solves the problem instantly, wired, wireless to either router never go through. Could it be from having a 99.x.x.x IP? I'm hoping someone has a solution, thanks!

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6 years ago

Hi @maxatv,


We apologize about the issues, but we will be glad to help. Since it works with VPN it sounds like it is the IP. Try running a traceroute to the voice server if possible to see where it is stopping. You may want to contact the owner of the VOIP server to see if your IP is getting blocked.



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