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Friday, September 8th, 2017 7:58 PM


Issues with Blinking Red Broadband or Services Down - Help & Solutions from the AT&T Community

Learn why your internet may not be working and how to fix it 


The fastest way to get back in service and get rid of the blinking red broadband light is to perform one or all of the following: 

Restart the modem

Secure cable connections

Reset the modem (Last)

Press the red reset button for 5 seconds Check to see if cables are unplugged, if they are, plug them back in. Press and hold the red button for 20 seconds. This will clear custom settings.
Check out our how-to videos. Just choose your modem. Check image below You can also use Smart Home Manager to reset it. 



The reason why your service is dropping

  • Surge protectors and power strips can cause resets and over time, cause the modem to fail. Plug the modem directly into a wall outlet if possible
  • If you added a device to the modem (3rd party equipment), unplug it and test. If service returns, this points to the equipment you added
  • If there was a recent storm or power loss, there could be an issue with the equipment inside or outside your home. Use the tools below to run tests and check for an outage.
  • A device on your network is causing issues. In some instances, a single device could be causing your loss of service. A sign of this is loss of service at a specific time of day. There could be a process running in the background. Disconnect all devices and test one at a time. 
  • Routers. If you have a 3rd party router connected, please remove it and test to see if the issue remains. Please note, if you are utilizing a router for your internet connection, we are unable to troubleshoot as it is not a product we support. 

Troubleshoot and check for outages

  • To check for an outage, visit our Service Outage Page. You can use your zip code or sign in to your account to check.
  • To troubleshoot, visit our Internet Support Page. Once you sign in, a check will be automatically performed. The same tests our teams run, are the same system checks our calls teams perform.  
  • Wi-Fi Disconnecting? Check out some tips to resolve like adjusting the modem settings to optimize your signal
  • Sign up for alerts. Just select the first option on our outage page.

David, AT&T Community Specialist


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3 years ago

I’m highly frustrated as I’ve been without internet for over a week now. I was switching frantically over to ATT for some sort of relief…only to find more issues. I received my box, reset the modem, downloaded the app and registered and the internet doesn’t connect. There was a scheduled technician who didn’t even show. What is going on? Where is the professionalism? I needed internet by MONDAY when your associate told me in a chat that I could have my box by mail ON TUESDAY!!! I have work this evening…. I’m going to lose my job.

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3 years ago

Hello @J_Grant21,

Oops! Seems like your comment got posted twice. Deleting one of your comments now.

AT&T Moderator

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