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Thu, May 21, 2015 7:19 PM

Is a NetGear Firewall/router Behind a 3801HGV possible?

I have a home business network that is connected to a TWC gateway. This gateway sets no DCHP the firewall ( Netgear FVS318) does.

I have UVerse TV and want to bundle in the internet too from AT&T but was told I can not set up a router behind the 3801.


Is this true?


If not what setting in the 3801 do I need to disable? Plus I have my own WiFi APs so I need to shut off the 3801 radio too






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5 years ago

It can be done as I have an ASUS router connected behind my 3801HGV RG with wireless turned off on the RG. All of my personal devices, computers, phones, ipads, smart TV, etc. all conect through my router while the U-verse TV and phone services are connected to the RG or the U-Verse WAP.


I used two online sets of instructions to finally get it to work:








Both are good but but reference 1 addresses the need for a different LAN address for the peronal router if the default is on the same subnet. The 3801 address is while my ASUS default LAN address was which I changed to Reference 2 does a better job of addressing additional settings in the 3801 that should be changed.




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5 years ago

yes but...... if the Netgear FVS318 is an old one and the WAN interface is only 10mb and you are paying for any speed higher than that, you will have serious speed degradation issues.

I had this happen to me years ago.

I had a Netgear FVS318 and the WAN interface was 10mb. It worked fine until I upgraded to 16mb internet service.

My speed dropped from 6mb (before upgrading to 16mb) to 3mb after upgrading. The Netgear FVS318 was at fault.

I solved it by taking an old PIII desktop and installing Smoothwall Firewall software. I installed a 100GB nic for the WAN side and a 1GB nic for the private side. I could now get the full 16mb bandwidth.

I've used Smoothwall for many years. it's very easy to set up.

I've just now starting using's firewall. It's very easy too but has ~monthly updates and a lot of addons. I especially like the GeoIP addon that allows me to block incoming traffic by country with 1 check box.






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5 years ago

Thanks GPM75070


Well done write ups. I appreciate the time you put into making them so through.


To bad the installers at AT&T do not know about this forum. I had to cancel the upgrade and bundle when I posed this same question to them and their answer was I need to have two addresses listed one for internet one for Uverse. Now I am in esculation mode!


So with your help I can now have them return and just hook it up "normal" and I can then set up my router once they leave.


Thanks for sharing



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5 years ago

Thansk RV_1


My FVS318 is a 10Base or 100Base T version so I should be good to go.


I do like the suggestions for different firewall approaches.


Thanks for the info and taking the time to inform




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5 years ago

@RalphHash Interesting the instructions were right on the front page in 3rd party setups in the FAQ.

Smiley Surprised Smiley Very Happy



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