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Wed, Jul 1, 2020 12:32 AM

Internet speed

When is AT&T going to realize that customers in rural areas need a speed faster than 6 Mbps.  This is sad. We are trying to work from home during this pandemic and there is no sufficient internet speed to do so.  It has been 15+ years and they have never increased the speed in the 72021 area code.  AT&T your company is to big for this, shame on you! Invest is rural America!


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a month ago

They are... first was the 1.1 million Fixed Wireless


Next, within next 12 months should start deploying Project Airgig using 5G mmwave.


Some quick search should provide plenty of background and future expectations. Since November 2012 the plan was to provide wireless internet for rural and semi rural areas where the cost benefit is too great for hardwired connections.


5G Plus (mmwave) has seen close to 1G wireless speeds.

Using antenna on top of power poles to spread the signal with faser speeds than 4G offers.


Again internet searches on Project Airgig, testing stages and future deployment.

Yesterday, the company said that it not only is still working on “Project AirGig,” but that it foresees the technology providing backhaul data feeding 5G networks in rural America.

With 5G around the corner, timing couldn’t be better,” wrote AT&T in the policy paper. “We think Project AirGig and 5G have a lot of natural synergies, and we plan to test 5G paired with AirGig in the future.”

AT&T says it is now taking its AirGig powerline technology down to rural Georgia for technology tests with the regional power company that promise to deliver over 1 Gbit/s via existing power lines.

... already has another trial underway with an unnamed electrical provider in an undisclosed location outside the US. (See AT&T Looks to Trials for AirGig.)


AT&T hopes its AirGig technology for piggybacking high-speed data links on power lines will arrive in 2021, potentially improving broadband in areas where it's not economical to lay fiber-optic cables.






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