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Sun, Jan 19, 2020 1:34 AM

Identifying devices using Wifi data with Smart Home Manager App

I’m trying to use the Smart Home Manager iPhone app Data Usage Tool to identify “problem children” data hogs on my in-home network. I’ve identified all of the devices connected to my network and given them all meaningful names. But when I go to the “Data Usage Tool” where it gives you a real time view of what’s using data, there’s always a device that still has the name “unknown” that’s using data. Sometimes a lot of data - GB worth. But I can never “catch it” connected to my network. What’s an easy way to finally figure out what this device is?


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4 weeks ago

We'll do our best to help, @cloud0126!


One way to identify an unknown device is to compare the MAC addresses of the device and your Gateway. If they don't match, it's likely that someone outside the home has managed to connect to your network. We have a great page on our website where you can Learn How to Secure Your Network.


Do you see this device connected sporadically, or is it always connected?

Have you made sure that your network is private and not public?


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