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Wed, Jan 13, 2021 6:47 PM

How enhance ethernet upload speed?

Hello, so i'd like to know if is possible to get my u-verse dsl/router($55/m plan) to make 4mb for upload speed on network instead of having 15mb for downloading speed when i use my ethernet connection cable(according to or is there a way to improve the upload speed(mesh/fiber internet/device?)? My zipcode area is 93203 in CA


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2 months ago

You upload speed will be determined by your service type and internet speed tier....

I suspect your ADSL2+ which has a max upload of 1

Access your gateway and check your stats page...

post max rate both down and up, user rate down and up and protocol.

If protocol is ADSL2+ or ANNEX A your at the max upload available for the service. 

IF protocol is 8d or 17a these are VDSL FTTN where max upload can vary based upon best speed tier available and if you are subscribed to that speed tier. For VDSL speed tiers are 100/20, 75/20, 50/10, 25/5 and 25/2 with no longer offered but have grandfathered 18/1.5


for list of ISPs in your zip code...


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