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Mon, Sep 14, 2015 4:20 PM

How do I change my WiFi password and name?

There is a super easy way to reset ,or change, your Wi-Fi password or Network Name on your NVG with

Smart Home Manager


1. Download the app (iTunes or Android) or check out the web version

2. Sign into the app using your AT&T Member ID. Don't know it? We have you covered

3. Select Network

4. Choose the part of the network you want to change! 



How to To change your Wi-Fi Password or Network Name (SSID) Manually 



  1. Start by going to
    Note: you may be required to enter your Device Access Code in order to continue. The default Device Access Code can be found on the side of your gateway (this is not the same as your Wi-Fi password).
  2. Go to Home Network > Wireless
  3. Either change the Network Name (SSID) or the Password
    • Changes can be made to your Wi-Fi name under Network Name (SSID)
    • To change password, change the Security from WPA-Default Key to WPA – PSK option then type your desired password in the Key section
  4. Save all changes made to your device

Get more details on How to Change your Password on another specific modem/gateway.


When setting up a new Wi-Fi password, don't use your name, address, birth date or other things that make it easy for someone to identify you.


Once you have successfully changed your Wi-Fi password (Key), you may need to reconnect all your Wi-Fi devices using the new password information.


Have 2Wire/Pace, go here.



David, AT&T Community Specialist  

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a year ago

no I am lost need to hook up my 50 inch tv Visio in my bedroom

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7 months ago

Hello, for a person who has little or no knowledge of computers this is sometimes very difficult, in my case, practically to access my at&t wifi I did it with the previous link and the rest with what is here, thank you very much community.

I wonder about the maximum connection they offer since I need at least 300mb symmetrical up and down.

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