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Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 2:12 AM

Horrible Customer Service

Can someone at AT&T tell me why this is the second time your home service department is a No Call/No Show?

Your people in the Philippians lie to customers, they set up a service tech, for the second time with a window of 8 am - 12 noon!

What makes matter worse is that I received a text message from AT&T, thanking me for having AT&T handle my appointment today. SORRY but WHAT?

I know Why, because AT&T Lie's about speed of 100 mg service! All AT&T is doing is steeling money from customers stating that their is 100 mg service in Wisconsin.

I went on, at&, and the results a horrible latency is 46 - 79 ms, upload 19.21 - 36.25 mbps, down load 8.87 - 12.25 mbps. Far cry from the 100 mgs like AT&T lies about and charges for!

I had no problems with the old service of 45 mgs, which we had for a couple of years. Both boys where on their Xbox's, we had TV streaming, cells phones going and still holding 45 mgs, with latency in the low 20's.

Ever since AT&T tech was here to install this 100 mg service their has been nothing but problems with this service! For the last 4 months we have had this so called service, more like this rip off service, what a total joke.

I want to know what is AT&T going to do about this?? 


PS: I researched this slow speeds and found that AT&T has a history of this type of problem so before you say I'm the only one with this crap.

I also found out that, I as a customer can file a complaint with the FCC about fraud


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4 years ago

Good morning, C.


Yes I am happy to look into your technician appointment for November 11th. I will need to speak with you so that we can get you authenticated. Remember you can reach me by dialing 800-207-1233 extension 48109. My hours in office are 7:30am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday. I am always happy to stick around for you if needed., just say the word.

Also, have you recently experienced fraud? If so, this is a serious topic and we want to fully assist as quickly as possible. I hope to hear back from you soon.


Ariel, AT&T Community Specialist

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