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Thu, Jan 23, 2020 12:49 AM

High Packet Loss. Fixed Wireless Internet.

Hello! It's me again with the same problem everyone's having with Fixed Wireless Internet. Hoping if you're having a similar issue, you'll do the same. Flood til we get an answer, or at least a "we're looking into this issue. We are aware."

i'd say about 10 am est to 10 pm est, the internet doesn't work for anyone. High Packet Loss, Strict NAT, and overly high ping. As compared to the middle of the night being just fine.

It's more ridiculous we don't get an answer rather than the actual problem itself. I've talked to another who's had it for 15 months and has had the problem. I'll try to do this daily, at least til there's an answer and i hope everyone does the same. :)




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3 weeks ago

Yes, many of us are having the same issue. 25%+ packet loss on their network and no news on how or when they are going to fix it.